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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our Newest Family: Quarter, Neck and Dot

It was a super evening, I went into Three Rivers to meet Mrs. Honey and Mr. Johnny at the flea market to pick up our new family members.

Mind you, I do not know one thing about raising rabbits.  Then again, when I started with chickens back in Febuary 2006, I knew nothing about chickens other than it was part of my dream to watch them in the yard from the back porch after military retirement.  Now when there is someone nearby in trouble with a bird; I am usually called or emailed. Believe it or not I  have rescued many injured birds, helped chicks come out of stuck shells, and have hatched over 100 of our own chicks.  

So my theory is why not learn about rabbits?????  

Here is a couple of pics I snapped this morning. Saenz loves them, Zephyr is nervous since he has a hard time picking one up.  THEY SQUIGGLE YA KNOW.  The naming went as follows, one doe has a white splotch on her neck and is called -- Neck.  The other doe has a Hindu spot of white on her foreheard and she is called DOT.

This bunny doe is Quarter and is the bravest.  One quarter of her legs are white.

She reminds me I need to run the Swifter downstairs again.  It gets dusty here but, I have to wait until Saenz is in school so as not to set off a allergy fit.

 This my Saenz giving me his best CHEESE FACE and is holding Quarter.  It was funny to watch them on our hardwood floors at first because they couldn't get in the hopping mode. Well, Quarter is the explorer and has figured out hardwood floor navigation.

Later when Dad gets home we have the following chores in Beeville:  Pick up chick and poult order, get feed and pine bedding, pick up shelf unit at Sears, buy Zephyr his first bicycle. 

It's a busy day and trying to get everything taken care of before the bad weather gets here.  And sadly, my parter in life had to work over time today.  Zephyr has given his cold to me and Saenz so we all are coughing --- curses this winter weather is keeping us all sick.



Anonymous said...

I just posted on my blog about my rabbits and will have lots of comments as well about what others feed their rabbits. Good Luck with your new bunnies

Nekkid Chicken said...

Runinng to Barbs blog right now. LOL

Jack & Jill said...

They are so pretty! Good luck with them! Have a great day!

Talitha D'Andrea said...

Beautiful rabbits! I'm not going to show this to my daughter or she'll beg me for one LOL!

Nekkid Chicken said...