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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Signs of Spring for City Folk


I stopped this morning at a local supermarket and saw this display. I was thinking about Barbara and her blog found here:


She is a very observant, loving, caring blogger; who took the time to post some lovely photos of spring awakening in her area. I also realized until a few years ago I was one of those persons asleep to the natural bounty and beauty of Mother Nature.  My awareness was marked by the consumer passing of seasons found on similiar displays.

Thanks to all who write about their amazing lives.

Way to go, Barbara!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention.

You are a hoot. I just know if I lived closer we would have some serious laughing sessions.

Happy Spring!

Nekkid Chicken said...

OH Heck ya, life is just one long running comedy narration. I bet we would be a HOOT at say the cowboy farmer hangouts in the morning. LOL

Lets agree to have breakfast tacos one day at say.......Diary Queen. Ya'll do have those there in Florida?

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