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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So your gonna....homeschool?

It's was a rather busy weekend.  I was able to clean my house, clear out the room downstairs and just chill with my menfolk.

Funny thing is, I want to homeschool my sons.  While most who hear this -- give me a pained look.  How can giving my sons the best education be a burden?  I am already a 'stay at home mom' (SAHM), teach Zephyr (5 yr ready for kindergarten), and raise farm animals. The farm is a perfect place to learn life sciences.  JMHO

I am also a college educated, two degree holding, master degree pursuing, world traveled, former professional military teacher / supervisor / management consultant -- who only needs to apparently take the TExES to be state qualified to teach.  

I have seen my son struggle to do his homework; seems there is only the schools' way of doing math.  THIS CRACKS ME UP ---- why?

My son is 12 years old and still has little concept of fractions and long division.  By the Texas Education Agency (TEA) he should be mastering some concepts of Algebra already.  So, why has the school allowed him to be at 3rd grade level and in Special Education?  Because, Saenz is only one child; the American education system in built on 1950s setup of 'rote' learning.  If a child can not sit still and aborb information then, they are a problem (special needs) learner. 


From the begining of his school 'career'  and daycare -- he was labled as: HIGH MAINTAINENCE. 

I was told he has AUTISM.... BULL HOCKEY, I knew he did not have autism. 

I was told he had Asperger, again not the right diagnosis. 

The silly thing is, I told his pediatrican I thought he was dyslexic at 18 months of age. Yes, I noticed at an early age. It was blatantly obvious to me.  Saenz would build blocks structures and draw mirrored images, had no interest in writing/coloring/or following letters or numbers.  But, what did I know?  I did not have a medical or education degree at the time. LOL

So, I refused to medicate him.  I was not going to give him drugs that had not been tested on children with no long term studies, how the drugs impacted (scientifically backed up) brain growth or emotional development.  To me, giving Saenz a pill to 'numb' him into a compliant child; who zoned out in the classroom.  NOPE NOT ON MY WATCH.....

Now, on to his current school district..... I feel despite the medication argument in grades 1 through 5; he has made progress.  His primary special education team was flipping fantastic and he soared; this year though with onset puberty; his progress has slowed and he knows he is behind and so does his peers.  WHICH has opened him up to bullies' the passed two years. 

He has dyselxia but, he doesn't process information at a lower level. He also has IRLENS syndrome which is a visual processing diability.  If your child comes home with headaches often or develops headaches after reading; he / she may have IRLENS. 

To learn more information about IRLENS go here:

Self tests are found here:

Sample distortions (how those with IRLENS see)

 Saenz has made lots of improvement with his IRLENS glasses.  In fact, I believe if he had more one on one time - tutoring (ME); he would surprise the heck out of his teachers with his reasoning abilities.  So forgive me if I rant.....  I am just trying to find my way to give my best to my sons.

I have lost faith in the public education system

steps off egg crate ~;>


Jack & Jill said...

I really think this is a good decision, as the years progress, the teachers will have less and less time (and funds) to worry about the few children that need help and they will be lost in the shuffle. To the school, some children are expendable. I don't think this way, no one should, but it seems to me a fact of life in the schools now.

As far as math, English and all the other rules - there are more ways than one to help with the child's understanding. I still remember the "New Math" and my oldest couldn't catch on - I showed him how I would do the problem, mixed it up with what the teacher was doing and his face lit up! He understood! At the time, the schools were having classes for the PARENTS, so they could help their children.

Just arm yourself with as much info as you can and be ready to be amazed!

Melodie said...

You are preaching to the choir girlfriend ! I think the best thing you can do for your children is to homeschool..no one wants to see them succeed more than you!Plus you understand them,and how they think and learn. Most public schools are a disaster and the children are paying the price.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

....typical case of mom knows best.....and too right mom DOES know best!

you drack me up......educated....bright...and still mad as a box of frogs!

Texan said...

I am so sure you can handle home schooling your kids :O)...

If I had kids I think I would go that route myself...

I am so not impressed with the Texas Public School system from what I know of it. Weren't we ranked 47th just a few years ago? OUCH....

Hey I awarded you and I think I am suppose to tell those I did it too LOL..

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Climb back up on the carton but do it in front of the school district with a megaphone. I am so happy to see a parent taking an active role in their child's education. Great job- you are a wonderful parent.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Jill, I was reading last night, 456 jobs are being cut at a school district in Houston. Can you imagine? Huge impact, seems enrollments are down, from what: dropouts, parents moving the kids, or schools built where the demand lessened?

I am excited to help my children learn and grow. There are more than one way to learn. I will be quite armed after studying the TEA and Texas law plus I am reading your blog.


Nekkid Chicken said...

Melodie, I agree with you. Can you believe, our school district has no televisions, computers (mostly upper level), and would not allow the viewing of President Obama's inaguaration or other speeches? Amazing huh

ROFL John, I am going to get you in a head lock and give you wet nuggies. And eat your box of rocks with a bottle of wine and fava beans.

Nekkid Chicken said...

OOOOOOO Laughs at Texan. I have been done, running over to see what I have been 'done to.'


Sad but true, Texan....47th barely above Mississippi.