We Are Deep In the Heart of Texas

Nomadic seasons of farming adventures with nature thrown in to include; a pinch of family, snippets of friends, counting our blessings, paying IT forward, home school, and the spicy things I decide to rant about.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

50 lb Black Drum and Catfish taken at our fishing cabin

Nothing makes my men smile like landing a whopper. 
Saenz was busy pulling in catfish.
How is your weekend going?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Great Minds Dress Alike

Isn't this just the perfectly matched pair?  Zephyr and our pup Ritz have similar choices in attire.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

You Know You Are A Gardener When?

You dance with joy over the gift of avocado trees for Mother's Day.  Hubby picked the perfect gift to add to our mini orchard.  Two of these lovelies will be planted in our yard this very afternoon.  I could just do the happy dance!  Who needs candy or jewelry when such a thoughtful gift will be in our family for generations.

Happy Mother's Day to all who pass this way!
Happy Chicken Dance here.........

Monday, May 6, 2013

Got Squash?

     Hubby found this sneaky hybrid (Sid pictured) yesterday hiding in the corner of one of our beds.  Let's just say it was not long for this world and wound up on the grill.  How are the gardens at your place doing?  We are hitting 90+ degree days already.  It is hard to keep up with the watering with all the high winds we experience.

     We received a gift from Mr. Larry on how to build our own solar power system.  Means, I have some serious reading to do these next couple of weeks.  It would be nice to put in a solar harvesting system because we get plenty of sun down here.  I will have to check out wind powered systems since, the wind almost always blows around here.

     I will be back later to tell ya'll about the baby rabbits Sid found in our yard.  The little doves flew away already -- boy that was quick, I miss checking on them.  Today's chore will be making pickled radishes.

Enjoy your slices of heaven!