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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Racial Divide: Let's talk about it

Deeply Saddened Again by the Uninformed

This week I have noticed a trend not only on the Internet, but other places as well: eBay blogs, hate-group sites, online chat sites, media, to include our local outlets of information with said places being feed & grocery stores. Seems some folks took upon themselves to pick a phrase of Attorney General, Eric Holder's speech at the Department of Justice African American History Month and turn a snippet
into something sorely out of context of his entire speech.

( http://www.usdoj.gov/ag/speeches/2009/ag-speech-090218.html)

This phrase, "essentially a nation of cowards" (by Holder) was turned into a barn burning event of racial, Liberal, and Democrat bashing. Even worse, I over heard or read people discussing the proverbial RACE CARD in description of those of color tossing "said card," about whenever 'they don't get their way.' My question is what the heck is wrong with folks?

There is no greater divide much like the fence in the picture above than the one we construct around our individual or group-think rationalizations. While it has been said, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors; the same is not true when it comes to discussing the sensitive issue of race and other aspects which set people apart from one another.

As a child growing up in Alabama, I can remember horrible words being thrown around easier than grass seed and yet, my southern family for the most part are still stuck in the same place while the rest of our nation moves forward. Very sad to think my 'brown shoe' family members will die in the coffins of ignorance, intolerance and isolation, (my father included).
Those persons described by those horrible words have gone on and become educated, served in the military, doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers and many other professions. The persons labled by my father as the N-bomb will now be wiping his butt in his nursing home and providing a nuturing place for him to die. (Reminded me of the scene in Monster's Ball.)

I am deeply saddened that in this day an age, Mr. Holder is correct. 'Silent tolerance' is not conquering our prejudices however, it just gives root space to seeds of inhumanity. We all need to sit down, break bread, get personal and come up with a better understanding though we all bleed red; we all don't have the same opportunities or experiences--sometimes based upon our outer appearances.

Just thoughts from inside the coop...............

Friday, February 27, 2009

On the Road to Cocky

Sprocket the Spanish Rocket is now a MAN! He finally found his stud muffin crow and I heard him announce his status to the world this morning. He has a deep baritone bravado that reminds me of Barry White.

So in honor of Sprocket strutting himself, I will play some love making music from Mr. White. ROFL there is a line in this song that reminds me of Sprocket and his five Fat Bottom Hens. And here Sprocket says in his best White voice:


falls over snorting and slapping my own thighs here:


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When the lights go down


Sorry about channeling Journey but, country life is so different from living in a world lit up at night. It's just weird to actually see this tree at night, when I can remember Gil finding a rather fat Blue Indigo climbing it's branches looking for food one morning.

While I love being out in the world I guess my priorities have changed and will continue to evolve because I just want our sons to grow roots to the world around them. I do miss being apart of the ant hive of the 'city' but, I have also found my place here in the dust on my floors and the wind on my face.

I can step into either a deafening roar of the night life here with coyotes, skunks, javelina, racoons, opossums, insects and reptiles or, sleep behind our home's walls at night. Best of all, we can sit outside here near this tree and count endless stars because there are no city lights by the bay.

For your listening pleasure in case you have never heard the song.

Thoughts from inside the coop..................

Sexing a bird?

Hubby and I have been trying to figure out the differences in calls between male and female guinea fowl because they look alike to us.

ROFL, I know this seems like an easy task but NO.................the males don't have combs.

We were given these little skittish birds as keets out of the egg last summer. We held them as youngsters however, they hated being held. So, we followed their wishes and just picked them up once or twice a day for their first 8 weeks. Mind you we kept them in the house inside a brooder for about 5 weeks til the weather was super warm and the noise and smell was noteable.

These birds are great bug hunters and alarmists who, run about like single file partridges at an intruder. They let me know when someone drives up in the yard by rushing the car and if said visitor is not careful-will run over them all. However, once spooked they can be dangerous. One bird jumped and clawed hubby once leaving a 6 inch slice on his forearm.

I have been watching this youtube video over and over to discern the male and female differences. What do you think?


From inside the coop.............

Monday, February 23, 2009

Alpha: Hoe Hen Inn King

I felt something was wrong this morning and noticed a rooster staying in the coop; when I took Saenz to school. After feeding everyone, I went back to check the coop; sure enough Alpha (Brahma Cochin banty), had been injured. NOTE: He does not realize he weighs two pounds.

So I wrapped him up a towel to give him first aid inside the house. Hydrogen Peroxide, q-tips, and neosporin along with being warm inside the house brought out our curious cats and Turvy is getting ready to sniff his fluffy head.

While he is now resting inside a laundry basket in the darkened laundry room, his subjects have been worried. See the hen with no feathers on her hind parts (Scrapper), she is the resident bully and next to her is Romeo---Alpha's second in command. They are awaiting the return of their King.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life without color

Have you ever thought about living without color? Much in life would not be the same. Generous are the gifts of a diverse palette.
So much is conveyed through the use of color in our existence. Birds with their mating plumage, flower petals, women in their 'war-paint' and the possibilities are endless.
Here is where I like to insert the analogy of people and color. The shades of a person are a varied as the palette in nature. Think about it, what we see as our self may or may not be the 'shade' another person sees in us.

The absence of heat is cold. So what is the absence of color in nature? What do you call the lack of seeing color, shades, nuisances in people?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Do you ever feel in awe?

I really do, I search for meaning daily in things taken for granted. For I have driven passed this tree on the way to George West nearly 10 times a week for almost three years. Yesterday was the first day I actually stopped to touch it. I can not explain why this tree calls to me like a siren song but, I find myself looking for it each trip. Do things in nature call to you?

Do you find yourself stopping to listen to the wind, watch for movement of other living things, feel the warmth or cold caressing your skin, look for colors painted perfectly in nature, taste smells found only when outside like skunk, plants, vegetables held in our creator's hand? Soon, I will stop again to touch this tree and feel the life it has left, to count the spider nests, ant trails and other creatures that call it home. I am still in awe with life -- are you?

Small Town Rush Hour

I don't know why but the idea of small town rush hour makes me giggle. After living in DC for a short time, taking 1 hour to get to Walter Reed 2 miles away. I think of all the places where I have been in which people congregated like ants in rather large cities: Manila, Angeles City, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Alexandria, Bagio, Hersonissos, Paris, Frankfurt, Athens, Houston, Dallas, New York City and many others hubs of civilization. Going 13 miles to drop off or pickup up Saenz everyday seems like such a breeze. I guess it's all a matter of perspective and I count our blessing each day because our lives are simple.

The bus in front is dropping off children at the Boys & Girls Club in George West. The sign on the church marque states, "PRAY FOR RAIN." Across the street the marque states, "Shotgun Shells on Sale." Does this strike you odd? ROFL

Gotta love country living.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sometimes Life is Not Pretty

This morning Zephyr and I discussed death, a tough subject for a four year old to understand but very necessary living on a farm. We have had animals die before yet, he has barely noticed due to his age. We pulled over when he started asking about the deer and if it was hurt. He asked me if a tire hit this sad deer and of course, I had to tell him a driver in a car hit the deer and it was probably an accident.

What I could not answer was why the person left the deer alone because I had no idea. So after our chat we just talked about being careful and loving people and animals. I do wonder what he will absorb from our spending so much time together. He handles sadness better than his brother as the same age. Then again, I am with Zephyr 24/7 unlike with Saenz; my being active duty Air Force. Even in death -- all living things contribute back to those left behind. Perhaps Zephyr will remember to take time to think about the world around him and how he has influence just as this deer has given each of us a lesson.

Thoughts from inside the coop...................................

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The last time I checked

Certain things are not guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States:

1. Home ownership
2. Car ownership
3. Owing more than you earn
4. Right to sit at home using someone else's earnings

While the United States got itself into trouble with the current credit market, we scrimped and saved to buy a home 8 eights after marriage and financed in 2004--62,000 with our payoff now being 48,0000.

True, we did buy cars on credit but paid them off early. Hubby and I have burned countless credit offers for 30K of spending limits based upon someones idea of equity in our home. We also sat aside monies for me to stay at home until Zephyr goes to school this year which, has been changed to August 2010 due to his birthday. (This will hinder us financially but not break us.)

What chaps my hide to hear is how folks are having children like OctoMom without a means to support herself or children; with the State of California billing Medicaid for the millions it will take to get those children healthy.

While I agree with welfare for a specified period--say 6 weeks for maternity leave as the military does. I do not agree with chronic use. I agree with disability insurance payouts to disabled but, if a person can type then said person can work a call center for say maintenance repair centers like Sears in San Antonio or medical transcription provided they are mobile. (NOTE: my two older brothers draw disability checks but partial because the State of Alabama recognizes their minds and fingers still work.)

I agree with giving folks a hand up when they get knocked down but, at the same time. If as a society we keep allowing folks to 'milk a system' then we as the society are building a nation of those who are not self sufficient. With that said, a nation of those without the drive to be self sufficient NO LONGER NEEDS to be the global leader.

PS just a small disclaimer. While I am a stay at home mom, I raise chickens, guineas, goats, pig, garden and with more soon to come. I have finished my bachelors degree and will rejoin the work force though I have one retirement check already. True my husband supports us 75% financially but this was an agreed upon arrangement. I am a: old-school, brown-shoe, you get what you put into life person.

BTW I found this blogspot today I wanted to rave about:

Got to love this woman's creativity and stubborness and kudos to her family.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sidilicious with Abuelita

Abuelita Torres

Tia Leila

Tia Amelia

Just to make us laugh. Hee heee

My two favorite clowns.

Night Fears: Through Chicken Eyes

Happy Valentine's Day

Seems we had a visitor last night, I went to check the ladies out.
Needless to say they were not appreciative of the feral cat that has
been lurching about under their coops.

Here is Rocky the Psycho Rooster. He too is upset and seeks the comfort of his ladies.

Friday, February 13, 2009

No Paraskevadekatriaphobia

Happy Friday the 13th!

Such an over cast day, just Zephyr and I are home knocking about. Just one of those days in which I woke with a headache. A few hours later, he and I have snuggled it away. We went for a walk in the world.

We love to hunt for insects and such with no better time than now because fire ants have not been around much. This beautiful picture was taken in our driveway, unless you really look this solar light would be missed. It no longer works but has been giving insects harbor from elements and the ivy is just begining to take it over. I am sure in a few weeks once the weather really starts to warm. A rather large banana spider will again take this as its summer condo.

Don't you like looking for worlds inside of worlds in your slice of heaven?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Saenz's Bday Dinner

Before Dinner Posing with Red Rocky, Orange Glow and Seabright.

Have you ever had lime Jello with Snow Crab. Apparently, it's the latest in haute cuisne. LOL

So serious!!!!!!!!! Right

I want to be like Saenz!

Happy Birthday song in Chinese. Love the strawberry Jello cake design.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Saenz

Hard to believe we have been so blessed to have this beautiful child in our lives for eleven years. Happy Birthday! Saenz


It is hard to count all our blessings, lessons, and gifts received these past 11 years. Every day is a new adventure on the way to you becoming a man. I love you as much as I did the first time I held you. Saenz you will always live in my heart.

Happy Birthday, in your slice of heaven.

Saenz and Zephyr hamming it up for Mom before heading out to school.

Seems front yard rangers want to meet the guineas and Delawares.

Here is Romeo, a Brahma banty. This little monster challenges even us to fights which a badminton racket keeps his attitude in check. ROFL

If you double click any of these pictures, it will take you to a close up. Here I can see finally new blades of grass poking through the drought toughened dirt.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Signs of Spring?

I drive my son to and from school everyday. Yesterday, we stopped and watch a small coyote pack run in an open field and then they in turned watched us. We counted hawks, owls, caracara, turkey buzzards and lots of pigeons on electric wires. Then in the afternoon, we were treated to seeing dozens of male road runners running about calling for mates.

This morning we had the bejeezas startled out of us on the way to the truck because a rabbit was drinking at a chicken waterer. He was quiet surprised to see us too--screwed up his breakfast drink. As we were driving out of the driveway, off to the left was a HUGE skunk about the size of small bear lumbering in the distance. We stopped and watched until he got lost in the tall dry grass. I have noticed little blades of grass poking up and buds on the mesquite trees.

Soon, the nest above will have new babies. I hope you all are looking around for signs of renewel and growth in your slice of heaven.

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Website: Exchange Items

Here is a forum for folks to exchange use items or no longer needed new items.

Advice and other such ideas:


Creator NBNB gotta love a redneck woman and co-neck Saenzmom

Person with item is contacted by person wanting item.
ITEMS offered are AS-IS
NO PROFIT MAKING ALLOWED just a place to help each other and hang out.

Nekkid Chicken

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Three Hour Window

It is a gorgeous day, here is Zephyr with Mrs. Lily at the Dairy Queen in George West. We had breakfast and shared stories. She and Mr. Dennis are the best folks and so kind.

Here is our expectant mommie to be Hillary. She is a boer goat and is obviously pregnant. Her pen mate, Obama is the proud and struting father. He and my husband do not get along well because they are both ------------- well males. ROFL

Here is Hilliary tring to get her morning sugar. She likes to nuzzle my chin at feed times twice a day. I go and check on my animals twice a day in winter and four times a day in summer. See the WHITE HOUSE in the back ground? Well it is the closest thing we have to a monument out her in Cow and Chicken Town. You can really see her side bulge here. Both of her sides are swollen with little babies. Don't know when she will lamb but, we are very excited. VERY SOFT LIPS and she doesn't bite my chin either. Her favorite thing to do is receive a belly and back rub. She must be sore................

One of our crazy ten guinea fowl, these birds are flighty and always moving.

Here is Sprocket (Spanish Rocket), Rhode Island Red,
Tubor (cochin banty rooster) and Shartey (cochin banty hen).

Here is Mr. Salad Fingers, he is now five going on six months old. And still a belly rub begging pig. Two weekends ago, Gil built him a private suite out of recycled materials. I love saving money and the environment. We are looking for him a mate since pigs are social animals. It is just a BEAUTIFUL DAY in our slice of heaven.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Count Your Blessings

Each day is a blessing, to wake and see two sleepy faces staring up at me about to face the world. Each time they learn; they grow and inturn teach me. Just wanted to say I am feeling blessed today.
Much Love,
Nekkid Chicken

Monday, February 2, 2009

Texas Is Hurting for some of this:

We really need a good soaking ran for about a week. I looked back to see how our slice of heaven looked like a few months ago. I miss the smell of rain. I also miss gardening but am taking my cues from the senior lady down the road. I don't know her yet, I always admire her vegetable garden when driving Saenz to school or picking him up. I figure she must know when to plant better than I or Wal Mart does because she has probably lived here her entire life.

I did notice Wal Mart has put out tomato, onion, broccoli and other plants. I did buy one tomato plant because I really miss having a plant to take care of and home grown tomatoes. So, I bought it just to have a tender plant but, am weary because the weather is so crazy this year. I am questioning whether we will get another freeze before spring. Either way, I want to invest in a POULAN tiller and not the mosquito version we had last year. I have gather 70 different types of seeds and what a large variety this year to grow.