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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Three Hour Window

It is a gorgeous day, here is Zephyr with Mrs. Lily at the Dairy Queen in George West. We had breakfast and shared stories. She and Mr. Dennis are the best folks and so kind.

Here is our expectant mommie to be Hillary. She is a boer goat and is obviously pregnant. Her pen mate, Obama is the proud and struting father. He and my husband do not get along well because they are both ------------- well males. ROFL

Here is Hilliary tring to get her morning sugar. She likes to nuzzle my chin at feed times twice a day. I go and check on my animals twice a day in winter and four times a day in summer. See the WHITE HOUSE in the back ground? Well it is the closest thing we have to a monument out her in Cow and Chicken Town. You can really see her side bulge here. Both of her sides are swollen with little babies. Don't know when she will lamb but, we are very excited. VERY SOFT LIPS and she doesn't bite my chin either. Her favorite thing to do is receive a belly and back rub. She must be sore................

One of our crazy ten guinea fowl, these birds are flighty and always moving.

Here is Sprocket (Spanish Rocket), Rhode Island Red,
Tubor (cochin banty rooster) and Shartey (cochin banty hen).

Here is Mr. Salad Fingers, he is now five going on six months old. And still a belly rub begging pig. Two weekends ago, Gil built him a private suite out of recycled materials. I love saving money and the environment. We are looking for him a mate since pigs are social animals. It is just a BEAUTIFUL DAY in our slice of heaven.


emajen333 said...

So precious! All of them. Can't wait to see the baby goatees, too!

emajen333 said...

Guess who???????

Give you one hint! I would LOVE to huff sugar w/ your goat!

mixednut555 said...

Nice post, mah friend!

Hugs from Hawaii


Nekkid Chicken said...

DOH, let me think Mississippi Momma of two balls of Floss? ROFL

Thanks Kat,

I will have to run editor on this. The spacing seems off. Though I will wait a day or two until my head is clear.