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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Racial Divide: Let's talk about it

Deeply Saddened Again by the Uninformed

This week I have noticed a trend not only on the Internet, but other places as well: eBay blogs, hate-group sites, online chat sites, media, to include our local outlets of information with said places being feed & grocery stores. Seems some folks took upon themselves to pick a phrase of Attorney General, Eric Holder's speech at the Department of Justice African American History Month and turn a snippet
into something sorely out of context of his entire speech.

( http://www.usdoj.gov/ag/speeches/2009/ag-speech-090218.html)

This phrase, "essentially a nation of cowards" (by Holder) was turned into a barn burning event of racial, Liberal, and Democrat bashing. Even worse, I over heard or read people discussing the proverbial RACE CARD in description of those of color tossing "said card," about whenever 'they don't get their way.' My question is what the heck is wrong with folks?

There is no greater divide much like the fence in the picture above than the one we construct around our individual or group-think rationalizations. While it has been said, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors; the same is not true when it comes to discussing the sensitive issue of race and other aspects which set people apart from one another.

As a child growing up in Alabama, I can remember horrible words being thrown around easier than grass seed and yet, my southern family for the most part are still stuck in the same place while the rest of our nation moves forward. Very sad to think my 'brown shoe' family members will die in the coffins of ignorance, intolerance and isolation, (my father included).
Those persons described by those horrible words have gone on and become educated, served in the military, doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers and many other professions. The persons labled by my father as the N-bomb will now be wiping his butt in his nursing home and providing a nuturing place for him to die. (Reminded me of the scene in Monster's Ball.)

I am deeply saddened that in this day an age, Mr. Holder is correct. 'Silent tolerance' is not conquering our prejudices however, it just gives root space to seeds of inhumanity. We all need to sit down, break bread, get personal and come up with a better understanding though we all bleed red; we all don't have the same opportunities or experiences--sometimes based upon our outer appearances.

Just thoughts from inside the coop...............


Jennifer said...

Amen. It's amazing how twisted words can get, just to suit the liking of others. I agree with his speach and your post. There needs be more open discussion about history, about lifestyles and cultures. We rely to much on the stereotypes and comedy then to really get to know one another. We are cowards, we don't want to offend or be found stupid or sucker punched. Well then, lets not get offended, lets correct our stupidness. Talk, ask questions. Get the right answers and ya, they'll be more then one. I'll admit it I prejudge by outer appearance very quickly and just as quickly I've learned to dismiss it and let someone tell/show me who they are rather then I make it up. Spread the word. We will no longer be cowards!

Nekkid Chicken said...

I too will choose the 'stupid' label until I understand how to be a better person. It's the only way we can learn, by making mistakes....JMHO