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Monday, February 2, 2009

Texas Is Hurting for some of this:

We really need a good soaking ran for about a week. I looked back to see how our slice of heaven looked like a few months ago. I miss the smell of rain. I also miss gardening but am taking my cues from the senior lady down the road. I don't know her yet, I always admire her vegetable garden when driving Saenz to school or picking him up. I figure she must know when to plant better than I or Wal Mart does because she has probably lived here her entire life.

I did notice Wal Mart has put out tomato, onion, broccoli and other plants. I did buy one tomato plant because I really miss having a plant to take care of and home grown tomatoes. So, I bought it just to have a tender plant but, am weary because the weather is so crazy this year. I am questioning whether we will get another freeze before spring. Either way, I want to invest in a POULAN tiller and not the mosquito version we had last year. I have gather 70 different types of seeds and what a large variety this year to grow.

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