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Friday, February 20, 2009

Do you ever feel in awe?

I really do, I search for meaning daily in things taken for granted. For I have driven passed this tree on the way to George West nearly 10 times a week for almost three years. Yesterday was the first day I actually stopped to touch it. I can not explain why this tree calls to me like a siren song but, I find myself looking for it each trip. Do things in nature call to you?

Do you find yourself stopping to listen to the wind, watch for movement of other living things, feel the warmth or cold caressing your skin, look for colors painted perfectly in nature, taste smells found only when outside like skunk, plants, vegetables held in our creator's hand? Soon, I will stop again to touch this tree and feel the life it has left, to count the spider nests, ant trails and other creatures that call it home. I am still in awe with life -- are you?

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