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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The last time I checked

Certain things are not guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States:

1. Home ownership
2. Car ownership
3. Owing more than you earn
4. Right to sit at home using someone else's earnings

While the United States got itself into trouble with the current credit market, we scrimped and saved to buy a home 8 eights after marriage and financed in 2004--62,000 with our payoff now being 48,0000.

True, we did buy cars on credit but paid them off early. Hubby and I have burned countless credit offers for 30K of spending limits based upon someones idea of equity in our home. We also sat aside monies for me to stay at home until Zephyr goes to school this year which, has been changed to August 2010 due to his birthday. (This will hinder us financially but not break us.)

What chaps my hide to hear is how folks are having children like OctoMom without a means to support herself or children; with the State of California billing Medicaid for the millions it will take to get those children healthy.

While I agree with welfare for a specified period--say 6 weeks for maternity leave as the military does. I do not agree with chronic use. I agree with disability insurance payouts to disabled but, if a person can type then said person can work a call center for say maintenance repair centers like Sears in San Antonio or medical transcription provided they are mobile. (NOTE: my two older brothers draw disability checks but partial because the State of Alabama recognizes their minds and fingers still work.)

I agree with giving folks a hand up when they get knocked down but, at the same time. If as a society we keep allowing folks to 'milk a system' then we as the society are building a nation of those who are not self sufficient. With that said, a nation of those without the drive to be self sufficient NO LONGER NEEDS to be the global leader.

PS just a small disclaimer. While I am a stay at home mom, I raise chickens, guineas, goats, pig, garden and with more soon to come. I have finished my bachelors degree and will rejoin the work force though I have one retirement check already. True my husband supports us 75% financially but this was an agreed upon arrangement. I am a: old-school, brown-shoe, you get what you put into life person.

BTW I found this blogspot today I wanted to rave about:

Got to love this woman's creativity and stubborness and kudos to her family.

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James said...

WOW Mal...I couldn't agree more with you on this post. Absolutely, positively 100% agree.