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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sometimes Life is Not Pretty

This morning Zephyr and I discussed death, a tough subject for a four year old to understand but very necessary living on a farm. We have had animals die before yet, he has barely noticed due to his age. We pulled over when he started asking about the deer and if it was hurt. He asked me if a tire hit this sad deer and of course, I had to tell him a driver in a car hit the deer and it was probably an accident.

What I could not answer was why the person left the deer alone because I had no idea. So after our chat we just talked about being careful and loving people and animals. I do wonder what he will absorb from our spending so much time together. He handles sadness better than his brother as the same age. Then again, I am with Zephyr 24/7 unlike with Saenz; my being active duty Air Force. Even in death -- all living things contribute back to those left behind. Perhaps Zephyr will remember to take time to think about the world around him and how he has influence just as this deer has given each of us a lesson.

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