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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sexing a bird?

Hubby and I have been trying to figure out the differences in calls between male and female guinea fowl because they look alike to us.

ROFL, I know this seems like an easy task but NO.................the males don't have combs.

We were given these little skittish birds as keets out of the egg last summer. We held them as youngsters however, they hated being held. So, we followed their wishes and just picked them up once or twice a day for their first 8 weeks. Mind you we kept them in the house inside a brooder for about 5 weeks til the weather was super warm and the noise and smell was noteable.

These birds are great bug hunters and alarmists who, run about like single file partridges at an intruder. They let me know when someone drives up in the yard by rushing the car and if said visitor is not careful-will run over them all. However, once spooked they can be dangerous. One bird jumped and clawed hubby once leaving a 6 inch slice on his forearm.

I have been watching this youtube video over and over to discern the male and female differences. What do you think?


From inside the coop.............

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