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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Signs of Spring?

I drive my son to and from school everyday. Yesterday, we stopped and watch a small coyote pack run in an open field and then they in turned watched us. We counted hawks, owls, caracara, turkey buzzards and lots of pigeons on electric wires. Then in the afternoon, we were treated to seeing dozens of male road runners running about calling for mates.

This morning we had the bejeezas startled out of us on the way to the truck because a rabbit was drinking at a chicken waterer. He was quiet surprised to see us too--screwed up his breakfast drink. As we were driving out of the driveway, off to the left was a HUGE skunk about the size of small bear lumbering in the distance. We stopped and watched until he got lost in the tall dry grass. I have noticed little blades of grass poking up and buds on the mesquite trees.

Soon, the nest above will have new babies. I hope you all are looking around for signs of renewel and growth in your slice of heaven.


rockonaudi said...

I am so behind in your postings and I KNOW I am missing out.. I need to take time to enjoy! To stop and smell the new blossoming Sping forming around me! Also, to observe the new signs of life as the ones you have so thoughtfully posted here for our pleasure. I enjoyed your article very much! (((hugs))) and many blessings! Audi

Jennifer said...

With the ground newly covered with snow it may be a while before I see renewal of life in the area. But it will definatly happen. Winter will end by April. I am no longer in the frozen north. Woohoo!

I would love to see all that you see in one morning. How fantastic of a drive that is.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Audi, I go in spurts. No stopping and smelling yesterday at all. The wind gusts were at 30 MPH yesterday, enough to make my little banty's walk like crabs. ROFL

Hey Jennifer, I hope you are enjoying your new home? Your children are so dang adorable. I can't wait another month and I will try my hand at a hobby green house. Hey Jennifer, I think most just zone out on their drive. I bet you could find 'critters' too if you looked. Like bugs or mice. ROFL
Much love,