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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When the lights go down


Sorry about channeling Journey but, country life is so different from living in a world lit up at night. It's just weird to actually see this tree at night, when I can remember Gil finding a rather fat Blue Indigo climbing it's branches looking for food one morning.

While I love being out in the world I guess my priorities have changed and will continue to evolve because I just want our sons to grow roots to the world around them. I do miss being apart of the ant hive of the 'city' but, I have also found my place here in the dust on my floors and the wind on my face.

I can step into either a deafening roar of the night life here with coyotes, skunks, javelina, racoons, opossums, insects and reptiles or, sleep behind our home's walls at night. Best of all, we can sit outside here near this tree and count endless stars because there are no city lights by the bay.

For your listening pleasure in case you have never heard the song.

Thoughts from inside the coop..................


Jennifer said...

I love the looking up at the stars when I'm far out in the country. It's the thing I miss most when I live in a city.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hello Jen, It's spooky the amount of stars in the sky. Living in the city it is easy to forget such a simple pleasure.