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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Babies having babies

The first day with Obama and Saenz, Hubby setting up a temp pen in background.

Hard to believe we are coming into our full circle. We moved here Jan 06 when I retired from active duty Air Force. I picked out 10 chicks from Parker Feed Supply in Beeville. 3 Years later: sold or bartered 60 layers, eggs by the dozens and trying our hand at gardening this year since last year's was wiped out by Dolly and Ike.

Hillary and Obama came to be with us in April; they got their names because all the news had time for was reporting about the democrats and the political mess this country is in and will be decades before fully recovery. 8 months later, Hillary will be having a set of twins soon. Obama true to his goat nature is pushy and demanding of feed. Since these two orphans are now parents; it will not be my job to feed the babies since Hilliary will nurse the twins.

I have no idea what this year will hold but, I am wishing for our own healthy gardens and happy children, chickens, guineas, Mr. Salad Fingers, goats and kids. Hubby and I just follow our sons and 'babies' lead because that is the way our creator made the world. ~:>

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