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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do I worry about what people think?

My first answer though not totally honest would be a resounding, NO!

One thought, I love Shartey as much as I do my own mother, sisters, or neighbors and I look to her as a trusted advisor and friend for almost two years now. Do I care what she thinks of me?


Do I care about other bloggers here or around the world as silent lurkers? YES, because who knows how my words describing my life affect others. Here I am thinking of Mixednut555 my spiritual soul-sister. Writing helps the both of us cope when the pain of caring and nurturing others becomes painful.

Those persons espousing they do not care about others are not being totally honest.
Because, “NO” reply is self-serving load of bull because they do care about someone just not everyone they come in contact with in the world or cyber environment.

I do care about ‘some’ individuals more than I do for others. By saying NO, this means I would be protecting the façade of being a “stand alone” individual which, no human is.

Not even the male eBay bloggers here who fight verbally with others; they need customers, contacts/friends, and viewers for feedback and at least one other person to fight with or get some sort feedback be it negative or positive. For to be a ‘STAND ALONE person’ not needing nor requiring input from other would mean they become true hermits and not connected to the internet or any form or community.

Thanks Blue for posting your thoughts as you walk the road of recovery and self discovery.

NOTE TO ALL WHO READ: I care for many bloggers here just did not type their ids. I have learned from many, even those ,who hate themselves and take it out on others.

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