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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ms. Lori,

I am standing here with fists in air. This series is well written, very modern and has shocking elements for those with strict moral codes. And while I love CSI (original) and Nip/Tuck. This series I do feel is more realistic. The commericals for funeral palor supplies in the first three episodes in season one had me howling with laughter.


Movie Description The HBO television series SIX FEET UNDER, about the members of a dynamic Los Angeles-based family that operates the Fisher and Sons Funeral Home, has an ironically grim, but intriguing premise: each episode is based on the death and extenuating circumstances of the family's current client. When a porno star dies and is brought to Fischer and Sons, an entourage of her former costars appear to mourn her death. In another episode, the family must negotiate with tough Mexican-American gang members who have very specific requests for the funeral of one of their brethren. A sassy drama that is rife with black comedy, SIX FEET UNDER follows other HBO hit series like SEX IN THE CITY, THE SOPRANOS, and OZ. Alan Ball created the hit series after scoring a huge success with his original screenplay for AMERICAN BEAUTY. Ball has written and directed several of the 13 episodes that comprise this first season.
Rick Cleveland
Ed Begley Jr., Ed O'Ross, Eric Balfour, Frances Conroy, Freddy Rodriguez, Jeremy Sisto, Lauren Ambrose, Mathew St. Patrick, Michael C. Hall, Peter Krause, Rachel Griffiths, Richard Jenkins
4-Disc Boxed SetNotesDVD Features:Region 14-Disc SetDigi-PackAnamorphic Widescreen - 1.78Additional Release Material: Audio Commentary - 1. Alan Ball - Creator (2) Featurettes - 1. Behind-the-Scenes (20 Min.) 2. Opening Titles Featurette (15 Min.) Deleted Scene - 1. Pilot Episode Interviews Trailers - 1. Episodic Previews 2. Episodic Recaps Isolated Audio Track - 1. Title Song Remix by Kid LocoText/Galleries: Biographies DVD-ROM Features: Web LinksEditorial Reviews"...Making the show a must-see are clueless mom Frances Conroy, non-conformist high school sis Lauren Ambrose and Rachel Griffiths..."USA Today - p.15D - Mike Clark "...The show confronts death -- and, of course, life -- with an artful mix of irony, gallows humor, and heartbreaking poignance..."Entertainment Weekly - p.133 - Michael Sauter "...There's plenty of warmth and humor in SIX FEET UNDER..."Sight and Sound - p.65 - Rob White "[The characters'] trials and tribulations make for a very entertaining complete fifth season of the acclaimed HBO Series."Widescreen Review - Widescreen Review Staff (05/01/2006)

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