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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reflecting on lack of family history

Funny to think back to when I was my sons age; playing outside underneath pecan and apple trees. I remember a cousin pointing out rabbit tobacco and telling us to break the leaves and chew it. Weird but; I can remember the taste and smile at how gullible I was to believe rabbits chew tobacco.

Though my two sons have grandmothers; they will not be raised by them. My own mother and step mother (which I hate that term/label) live in Alabama and my husband's lives in Poth; I would wager the amount of total time spent with the boys would equal less than a month with the Lions Share going to Betty. I wonder how Saenz and Zephyr's life and demeanor would have been changed by hanging out with these awesome women.

My own mother, Ree has the strongest work ethic of anyone I know but, I have a hard time remembering her just having fun unless we were hanging out with one of her sisters. Betty has a work ethic but, she listened and played with us more and I could always talk to her about anything without judgements. Andrea (hubby's mom) supported 11 children mostly on her own and is always laughing and joking. Though language and her deafness makes communication difficult; I love her dearly and wish to spend more time with her.

It is weird to think of my own grandmother Maw Maw (Ella) because she has been long dead before I even married. I can recall her voice, her smell, her hands and mostly her green eyes of which; mine are the same shade. She was a bright, observant and kind soul with the best 'bisquit' making skills ever. I just laugh to think of her fear of snakes and wonder how she would handle being around my boys who both hunt for them. I would have loved for her to meet my sons and see her in them and sometimes I do. Zephyr has a high pitched scream just like hers when he is startled. Saenz has her tapered fingers and is sensitive as she was. Perhaps one day, if all the religious pundits are correct: Saenz and Zephyr will meet her in the after life.

What is changing with the US, is families. While my sons don't have the Grandmothers to hang out with or the history that went with them; they are blessed to be happy, healthy and well taken-care. Perhaps as a society, as technology isolates us--we will again branch out and regroup as a village. Just thoughts from the coop.

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