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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why my son is home from school today

However, I did keep my son home from school today simply because the district does not have television in the rooms for children to see this historic event. This day "IS" important and do you want to know why?

I feel my sons need to see this man take the Oath of Office. To see a face that is unlike their own, or unlike others in this town because then they can see as Hispanics they also will one day see those of other races, ethnic groups, gender, social background, financial background, and religions stepping-up and taking their place as leaders of this great country and or positions of leadership closer in home communities.

My sons will be able to see they have NO EXCUSE to lay back and not work for what they want.OTHERWISE, true he is a 'figure-heard' but you know what?

Mr Obama does not stand alone he has an entire administration and team of speech writes. I can not remember any country WANTING to work with an elected incubment official with such gusto. Mr. Obama does inspire because he is professional, courteous, and thinks things through before 'cow-boying off the cuff.'


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