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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Life Around

Dinner stare down:

We are so blessed. Every morning, my boys and I drive into town to drop Saenz off at school. I find myself trying to get my sons to really look at the world around them. I have found people generally just look right in their comfort zone; if they want to see outside themselves the focus either needs to widen or narrow.

For instance this beautiful little garter snake was eyeing his dinner. I found this by seeing an old shed then using my eyes to really look for him. It took three days to find his hang out but, I did and thus shared with my sons. Yesterday, on the way home we took a different route and made another discovery. While I did not have my camera with me, we watched a small 9 banded armadillo dig up insects on the side of the road. For our next adventure, I will be investing in three pairs of field binoculars because the bird variety in this area is stunning. There has to be at least 15 birds of prey here and the binoculars would bring the birds close enough for my sons to connect.

One day, I hope my sons are atuned to nature because while humans are busy with technology-life abounds just a breath away.


rockonaudi said...

They WILL become attuned to nature, and I think they already are becoming.... with your example, direction and guidance they certainly have the opportunity. There is so much that we miss when we have that tunnel vision... we ALL can use broadening our visual, mental and spiritual horizons! Great article or study! Audi

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey there my blog sister. I hope the boys become attune because too much noise blocks out nature. Much Love