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Saturday, January 17, 2009

This week I read about a suicide

This young man was only 25 and took his own life.

He had planned it out from a young age when he decided to kill himself.

He was sucessful with a career, his parents accepted his lifestyle, and he had friends galore.

What stuck in my mind reading about this young man is once he made a decision with anything in his life---he carried though. Now I can not begin to understand the pain and torment this man went through. However, I do believe there is not one person in this universe that has not wondered about what his/her environment would be like without them---aka It's a Wonderful Life.

One part of me wishes he would not have removed himself from this life because in my heart it feels a waste. I felt he was selfish for not reaching out to others for help. His family, co-workers and friends will forever have unanswered questions about their roles in his life.

Another part, says perhaps it was best he decided to go the way he did; because so much pain could have lead to him hurting others. I also see the emptiness in his life because he had no faith in anything and this kind of despair has no resolution.

Later this week after reading about this incident. I began thinking of the 4 young men who I knew since childhood that were successful in committing this act. All of them were vivacious outgoing; or at least in worldly demeanor. I have come to realize is the FACE we give the world is not; for the most part, is not what is actually going on in our hearts. We have many facets, crevices, hidden valleys, and secret places within our souls others are not allowed to view. This amount of 'control' can be a double edged sword.

One side it gives us the right to allow whom we feel safe with to enter.

The other it keeps people out and away.

To who are reading here---really look at people---and connect for you never know when it is the last time you see, hear, or read from their hearts.

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