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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Best Blog Award

Barbara gave me the nod, check out her blog 3 Acre Homestead; she was was awarded Best Blog from Leslie @ Juniper Hill.  Thanks for the nomination..............

I have been going through many blogs trying to find fifteen whom I thought were 'best.'  I am kinda ecclectic so, I surf  the world to nominate fifteen bloggers who are not connected to us in no particular order.

Save this picture
Load it back up to your narrative, and nominees, don't forget to link to your nominator.

This blogger's sense of humor makes me laugh at her observations. Kajo
I love this Dad's work. quiltdad
Admire this blogger's site & pictures. Linda, Crafty Gardener
Use translator to read Cesar's political http://cesarcrash.blogspot.com/

I will be back later to add more as I find their treasures.


NURA said...

halo ,,
congratulation for the AWARD,,
ooh,,nice picture AWARD.
happy nice sunday.


Helo...Exius me.Sory, My English is'nt good but Iam interest with your blog and i want to get new friend. Congratulation for the AWARD. Goodluck.

NURA said...

visit again,,
congratulation for the AWARD..