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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seven Things

I woke up to nice surpriseTexan @ http://texan.blogspot.com/ passed on an award to me. She thinks I am outspoken but, respectful. LOL WOW ! I have to tell my hubby.

The rules are to pass on the award, link back to the one who nominates you. Then tell seven things someone may not know about you.


Seven Things:

1. I will pick up or free a entangle snake with my bare hands but, the thought of touching a wriggling fish grosses me out so, I use a towel to take it off the hook.

2. I know Morse code.

3. I was born in Alabama, moved to Cali when I was ten, went to Colorado at 18 then joined the Air Force from South Carolina at 20.

4. I have freckles on my shins from a bad sun burn as a child.

5. I have a quick temper but forgive as fast as I rant some – then realize my faux pas and decorum breech.

6. I am a late bloomer: driver’s license at age 28, first child at 32, and started with animals / farming at 40.

7. Wherever I am at, I pick up the language quick so I can assimilate and move about the area with ease. However, I GUESS MY BRAIN IS A SPONGE once I leave, I have to ring it out to make room for the next lingo --- AKA, Kelly Bundy style. LMFBOH

a. I was able to speak ‘passing’ Tagalong (Philippines),

b. read/spoke/wrote ‘passing’ Greek (Crete)

c. Spoke and read ‘stumbling’ Portuguese (Azores).

d. Now I am doing SPANGLISH/TEX-MEX

My nominees are:

Diana @ To Everything a Season and keeps this one Texas-Blogging Gals
(I have found lots of other bloggers in Texas because of Diana -- thank you thank you thank you!)
Newer Blogger Maud @ Life with Jack and Jill
(Your writing style cracks me up --- thanks so much for making me smile!)


Jack & Jill said...

Aw Shucks I'm honored , don't know what to say!

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Morse Code...cool!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Morning Ladies

Takes a bow.....

I am good with languages I guess. LOL