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Thursday, April 1, 2010

And So My Day Begins

This is a nice way to start your day. So, I won't bore you with all the details but, will give a summary from the email.

"Subject: Your FSAFEDS Claim Activity

Below is a summary of activity for your flexible spending account(s) within the last few business days.

Claims Activity
Total Reimbursement Payment Number

$40.80 762045463
$235.36 762042082"

---------------------This is going be to a long day-------------

Seems Zephyr woke up last night a few times with an upset tummy.  ACK, I don't get grossed out when folks are sick, dying, or bleeding BUT, the combination of vomiting sounds coupled with a whiff; and I feel ill? 

Another sad fact, in our lives.  My 75 year old uncle Jack died, he was a Vietnam Vet and had been sick for the passed two month in the hospital.  Yesterday he was buried with military honors.

I remember growing up in Cali, he was the handy man doing whatever jobs my aunt gave him to do around the house. They used to go to ELK club meetings, dances and camping trips. I remember them getting all gussied up and the smell of Aqua Net as my aunt piled her boooooofant hair up and panted her face. LMBOH

ALSO he had 'shock white' head of hair and eyebrows.  I remember his eye brows as a child that stuck up away from his face -- the hairs sometimes would seem to move when he was really angry at something. 

Good Bye Uncle Jack, may you suffer no more. 

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Jack & Jill said...

I hope Zephyr is feeling better today and no one else got sick.

My condolences about your Uncle Jack, I'm sure you have fond memories in your heart to keep him with you.