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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pup Tent standing guard in the yard.

Chicken Mom and Dad have mad skills!
The boys say Thank You Mister Larry!
We did not put the tent up yesterday since the winds were terrible.  Also Junio, Sid, Lisa, Frog and Lady Bug (last two are grand daughters) came over for a grill out Saturday.  Frog and Lady Bug spent their time learning how to chase chickens and rough house with the boys.  It was a good evening with some star gazing.  Ya'll need to come back over soon! 

This morning after chores plus the Sunday morning town run, mom and dad put the tent up for the boys. Now we are kinda stuck inside the house because a storm is on its way. 

Again, thank you Mister Larry!


wascallyfox2 said...

Ya'all done a right fine job of setting' up that thar tent.Bivouac never looked so good.

Now you need to hold reveille every morning at 0600.That's 6am fer you civilians.LOL!!!

Nekkid Chicken said...

ROFL No freaking way, 6 am is late start there feller! You should have seen Saenz's face when I told him the instructions were in German. BRAAAAAAAAAAA so funny, he asked. DO YOU SPEAK GERMAN

EEEEEERRR Nope but, I can use Babel Fish. heee heee

Melodie said...

Great pictures! Love those smiling faces! They will have great memories one day of the "Summer of the Pup Tent"!

Life with Jack n Jill said...

Y'all did a fine job with that tent! You going to leave it up to see if/how it weathers the storm? The boys look happy! I believe it will make a great place for them to sit and tell secrets, hee hee.

Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

LOL Now I have a place to sleep!