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Thursday, April 8, 2010

KISMET, the chicken momma dream

We are going to have our house leveled.  I am so happy because from this 'repair,' we will be able to start on others like new siding, windows and flooring. 

The story of our house, I was stationed at Andrews, Air Force Base in Maryland and my husband worked in the housing office.  We started looking for a house online since, I was a year from retirement and just had Zephyr.  We needed to buy our first home a final place to raise our boys with stability in a rural community.  We poured over 1000s of listings.  I had a 'pre-set' idea of what I wanted. 

1.  NO BIG CITY  immdiately ruled out San Antonio, Corpus, Dallas, Houston & Austin
2. Excellent School System (yes I checked out online school report cards.)
3. Sexual Offenders registration
4. Some acreage
5. A house payment that would equal no more than 25% of my retirement pay.
6. Trees
7.  Allowed chickens, gardening and maybe other animals

Of course, all this lended to limit our choices especially the budgetary issue since, my husband would not have a job upon arrival. One night while watching Special Victims Unit,

the page loaded and there stood my HAD TO HAVE HOUSE..

It looked kinda like a barn, no easements, and five acres.  It was KISMET or meant to be.  We went through all the paper work online, fought to get the house and nearly lost it three times to others, inspection rules, and lack of running water inside the house plus two broken windows.

After I retired, we drove from Maryland to this place our place....with knee high dry grass and open space. We showed up at our home seven months after closing, never have been inside with just 15 minutes before the moving van showed up on January 7th 2006.

I like that kind of fresh start from scratch; not knowing, butterfly feeling like the first drop on a  roller coaster, stomach knotted excitement--feeling like I get with my husband.  The thrill of the UNKNOWN....

I still love this house and the life we are building inside this home.


Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Great story. Wow you went in very prepared. When I spotted our little house on the internet I told my husband that is the house for me and then we started our journey into having a mortgage. I still love my little old house. It was built in 1932 and has only had one previous owner. The first thing we did when we moved in was to put in heat and air...

Savings Queen said...

Love it, I feel the same way.

Homesteaders at heart!


Life with Jack n Jill said...

OMG! Now that's gutsy! The amazing thing is, you are still married and nobody went to jail (or did they?).

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

great story, bought it online and never a walk through, I understand. Sounds like you were set on Texas.

Texan said...

Great gutsy thing you did ... but hey I always say ANY place can be made a home!! If the land and location and money were right ... what needs doing to the house is doable!

We looked for one year every single weekend out combing land... we looked at some property with older homes which I LOVED! We looked at land with no home... we bought land with no home..DH built this one...

There was one though, we both loved it... it was perfect or so it seemed at first glance.. except for the railroad track that ran across the entire back side of the property inside the property lines actually... ya that wasn't going to work.. but wow I loved that itty bitty little farm house oh it.. even still had the I am guessing 1940-1930 kitchen stove in it!~ Which I was so keeping if we bought that place...

I love where we are so it all worked out... you love where you are so yep it all worked out :O)...

Texas is a fine place to live for a lot of reasons :O)... obviously you need to be a warm weather lover to probably realllly enjoy Texas... we both are! I am guessing you guys are as well :O)