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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Watching for the Delivery Man

Let me tell ya, even if Texas Comptroller renegs on the Trade Up Appliance Rebate.  It's okay, hubby went this passed weekend and bought a new washer for the house. YEAH, no more washing everyday because the old machine did not fill water up to a full load capacity. 

Is this not a beauty.  Hubby has learned a lot from this chicken.  He asked for a 'discount' through Sears Hometown Heros, (I had him take my military id) since, I am retired, a teacher and he is a civil servant.  He recieved a 30% discount.  This washer was $550 but, it came out to $400. But then you have to add in: Tax, Delivery, Removal Fee which brought it back to $560.  Whooop Whoop

Get this -- if the rebate programs works.  We will recieve $225 back.  Not bad

Either way, we would have spent over $700. Through careful research and 1800 phone dials; we have the potential to save big and, Chicken Mom will not have to do laundry all day.

If you want to see the specs on this model and choose the Top Load model:

Off to homeschool our boys..............

And Randy (chicken boys), 'I am not a meanie.' LMBOH! ~:>


Jen said...

I love new appliances! They make chores exciting. If only for a little while. Soon I'll get to use my very own in my own lil house. Yay! Have fun.

Nekkid Chicken said...

HEY JEN, Long time no blog. How are you sugar?

NURA said...

buy a new washing machine, for a long time could not fill the full water
thanks for visit.

Sharon said...

Our new washer was delivered broken, they took a couple weeks to get an authorized person to come and replace the pump. Now, after 2 years, I still love it! I can wash his heavy jeans and even his Carhart winter jacket and insulated pants!

Nothing like having a decent washer!

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

washing machine?

you americans crack me up
"mad as a box of frogs!"

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Now you can wash all the clothes that have been getting dirty do to your flood!!! Hahaha

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I wonder what John calls a washing machine? I'm happy for ya, anytime you can "lighten the load."