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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Horrible Night For Sleep

We are early to bed people.  Hubby usually turns in by 9 and I soon follow. Well seems the neighbors went fishing and came back only to call at 10:30 offering some fish - left a message on the machine.  Needless to say they awoke my sleeping bear who was not too happy since he gets up for work by 3 am in Corpus Christi. 

This in turn causes me to toss and turn for the rest of the night listening to the house settle.  I don't know what time I finally went to sleep.  Then about 2:30, I awake to hear Zephyr coughing so up to give him some medications then watch his respiration. YUP, he needs a breathing treatment with the nebulizer.

By then hubby is up............ Tells me to keep the neighbors from calling at that time of the night.
 (Like I can control them.) 

 I just nod and answer with my bloodshot eyes.

He is about to leave and comes back up stairs to tell me there is a sick  or about to die cat - laying in a box - on the back porch.  To be careful because it would not shoo. 

WONDERFUL -- rabies is bad in this part of the country. Off he goes to work.

So, here I am listening for my boy to go back to sleep, counting the chores, homeschooling, and college requirements I need to do in the mid-morning.

It's wonderful to be alive at this time of morning........snore


Laura said...

Those are rough days, I sympathize!
Have a great Thursday.

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Drink some nice strong coffee and hope the day rushes by you! Sorry.

Sharon said...

Oh dear, Hubby going to come home in rotten mood too, probably. That's how it is here, when he hasn't had enough sleep, oh yah - me too.

Our son used to have friends call, he was told in no uncertain terms, that this had to stop, or I would tell them. Knowing he would lose some friends, real fast, he now has them email him and then he calls them back.

I, too, am a bear when I don't get enough sleep.

Ever think of unplugging the phone at night?

polly's path said...

I agree with Missy-sounds like you need some good coffee.
Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. I hope you keep visiting, and I will add you to my list of daily stops!!

Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

Wonder if the smell of the fish brought the cat :)

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

lovely snippit of a mad lady's life

Cat said...

Oh, my. I don't quite honestly know if I would have been coherant if I was awakened after sleeping. And do I know about not being able to sleep afterwards. Icky. Hope you sleep better tonight.


troubadore9 said...

What happened to the cat?Send it my way,I always have room for one more critter.Four legged that is.

Nekkid Chicken said...


I hunted high and low for the cat. I know of the feral cat which hubby described. To no avail, I did not find it. I will continue looking today. I just hope it did not decide to use under my house as a place to die.

Shudders here

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Laura

Missy, :o) Trust me, I drank a pot of coffee, I floated through my day in haze.

Dharon, LOL I was spared from cranky hubby. He watched some sports and went to bed. No, to the phone unplugging at night. Hubby is a gov employee so, in case of unit or base recall. He has to be reachable.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Polly, I added you to my blog reading list. So as you update, I will read. Thanks for visiting.

Hey Kelley, Maybe still can't find that tom cat. ACK

Good Morning John and Hugs back to you.

HEE HEE, Cat I was so tired I did not even read my college book last night. I was not very awake by time evening rolled around.