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Sunday, April 25, 2010

From Store Room to School Room

When I made the decision to home school; I had spoke with several people whom I respect and admire. 

First Mr. Larry, Our family cannot say THANK YOU enough for all the items you sent to 'our school.'  This is what our living room looked like from all deliveries we received in 2 weeks since, decided to home school. 

What you can not tell from those pictures is, he actually sent more. So off into the storage room; I spent the last two days cleaning this room out.  Mrs Lily got two loads to fill her flea market both and the neigbors picked up 3 rolls of left over roof insulation. This is what the room looks like now with about another 10% of boxes to be gone through, given away or trashed. 

Thanks again!, Mr. Larry ---- you surprised us with such generosity.  I hope to live up to your  standards of teaching;  I get a clue you have a strong belief in my abilities.  That is so flattering.

KELLEY, We talked about homeschooling for months before I made the decision. I love talking to you as a mother because you understand the 'guilt' that is inherent with the job of raising stable, healthy, well adjusted human beings.

Thanks Sharon, I read about your initial struggles with homeschooling your son. You have definitely lived a very interesting life, please keep writing and sharing.

Sobrina,  Though we have yet to meet in person, I love talking to you on the phone and look forward to meeting you tomorrow.  You have a very melodious voice.  I am looking forward to meeting your family and the other homeschooling parents in our area.  Thank you for encouraging me!

My husband, who despite all my crazy ideas, moodiness; goes along with all I want to do.  No wonder we have been together so long. YOU ARE A SAINT!

Again, I would not be where I am if it was not for my family and the friends who encourage me to be the best mother, wife, writer, and teacher.

For the others I didn't personally mention just know you are still here in our hearts.


John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

are you going to fashion yourself on miss Beedle from LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRARIE?

troubadore9 said...

I suggest that Hubby get busy and start making book cases.The room looks wonderful in it's transition to a class room.It already has taken th appearance of a place to find all the treasures of the world-knowledge.

You darn tootin I have confidence in you and your husband in providing the best learning environment possible.

It takes a team effort and as you so eloquently stated,a team you are.I am thrilled to be able to be a small part of your endeavours.

Sharon said...

WOW! Have you got school stuff, or what? Looks great! I see the newly made shelves!

How is everything going? Better then the nay-sayers, I'll bet! Is Saenz doing better - emotionally? Well, I'm sure he is, just asking.

Gee, wish I had a spare room.... I would clean it out and move in, lol, my craft stuff, I mean.

Sobrina said...

Wow!!! Your school room looked great and what a blessing to your family to have been given all the wonderful materials. We are glad you are having so much fun and we know you will continue to have a blast!!! I'm sure your room will be such a wonderful resource center for your family.

Nekkid Chicken said...

FALLS OFF CHAIR over John's comment.


Thanks Larry You Rock!

Nekkid Chicken said...


Saenz is settling in just fine. We are starting slow til he adjusts to me and I him in our new Student to Teacher relationship.

Sobrina, Thanks Missy I feel truly blessed and my heart is full.
Hope your slice of heaven is just that way too!

James said...

You shared pictures saying you are doing great job, So keep it up.
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