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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Emotionally, Spiritually SPENT

  I don't know about ya'll but, I have give out.  This year has been especially tough trying to keep my oldest son motivated while going to public school.  Think about this, his first year of school was Head Start at age 4, 2002 (he was labeled there a problem child because he would not color). 

NO ONE LISTENED TO MOM, I told them he was dyslexic at 18 months.

Here we are at year 2010; he is 12, a 5th grade and has been through the wringer.  He knows his learning style is different; more importantly so do other children.  Saenz has Attention Deficit Disorder, IRLENS, and Dyslexia. 

My reasons to homeschool are:


A.  One thing I have noted; he doesn't understand the functions of basic foundations of math in the area of multiplication and division -- crucial skills for alegbra which, he should have already have had exposure.  Without math skills, this affect other areas of study especially science and the arts.

B.  The Accelerated Reader program has been another hinderance because, none of the chapter books are of topics in his interest. But give him a book on history or modern warfare; he will read for hours. Without reading skills or interests, this will affect every other area of my child's development.

Spiritually or the Emotionality:

A.  Inside the classroom, mates may be helpful but, once out on the school yard or on the bus; Saenz is the outsider.  In 8 years of school, he has walked a tight rope of conforming to state standards that are not educationally related.  Yes, children are taught the skills to pass TAKS but, is that a true education? I think not. 

B.  He has never dealt with change very well. So the disruption of being pulled to go to tutorials, benchmarks, and other special education help only adds to his feelings of isolation. Being kept from releasing steam through recess due to 'helping classes' another issue. He is not into team sports but, perfers one on one activities. Again all make him the: OUTSIDER

So, this afternoon through the tears and frustration, (mine was held in) and declarations of:


I called the school principal and we spoke at length. I feel his support in my efforts to withdraw my son.  Tell me of a teacher or principle who enjoys being 'forced' to teach a test? I CAN NOT...

In no way do I feel that his public school is at fault after all, they have a requirement and a contract to sign in order, to do the job they loved ---- at least in the begining.  The school is forced to 'teach' the TAKS, or whatever the new testing system is called.  His school has gotten him over the hump with reading due to IRLENS and Dyslexia however, he is coming up on puberty. 

Basically it boils down: FUNDING. My son is a cog (coin) inside the machine of public 'education' bureaucracy.  So, if I bring him home --- I will educate both our sons because our futures lay within theirs forever. 

Just random thoughts: To be educated means being able to: use, find, access information, or build on what you know and apply it to the next level.   TO QUOTE: "How do you know if learning has taken place?  You can see a change."

Steps off egg crate:


Melodie said...

He is going to be so happy being taught at home! I just know it is going to make the most positive change for him! You know I am a big fan of homeschooling because I have seen the success in my son...so yeah, I may be a little bias against public school.

wascallyfox2 said...

Reading this I felt like jumping up on the chair and wave my flag in support.The very emotions that you expressed here are the same reasons why their home schooling will succeed by leaps and bounds.

Now that the pup tent is up,I and my entourage are moving in to help out.So chase them that chickens out of my home.I ain't gonna sleep on chicken s**t.LOL!!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

(Borrowing your egg crate)
You know how I feel about this - does Texas allow you to home school through high school? Do you have a teaching certificate? Seems every state has different rules.

Let him read what he wants to read, use those books for grammar and comprehension, you can have the other ones available...

Let him learn tactics - use the numbers there. Make it interesting for HIM. It doesn't matter if it's how many soldiers will x number of meals feed in a week or just plain numbers, or how long two squads coming from different areas will meet up - just make the courses for his interests.

Puberty can be such an unhappy time for many children. My heart goes out to you!

Hang in there! (gets off egg crate, stumbling clumsily- sorry!)

Jennifer@3sonsandadaughter said...

Good luck to y'all. I know that there are also homeschooling "co-ops" in South Texas. I have many friends who homeschool their children. If you want to contact any of them shoot me an email and I'll get you in touch. Best of luck!

IanH said...

This has to be a difficult time to say the least, but remember, some of the best brains in history have had learning issues! He will find his nitch in the world!

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

all you can do is your best.....which you have done..... I agree with Ian, he will find his own way at his own speed......
all you can do ( and are doing) is to guide him......

reach for the gin
get in the bath..


Savings Queen said...

I live in South Texas and have home-schooled here for 1 and a half years. I know of many many resources. I can pass information on to you if you would like. I am South of Houston. Good luck!


Nekkid Chicken said...

Melodie, It's okay the bias. LOL I just think public school is for a certain type of kid. Just not my kid. Thanks for commenting

Hey Larry, Did I tell ya, the boys saw a RYDER TRUCK, they thought you were moving in and were so happy. LOL But the fedex man's truck had broke down so he used his other job's truck. Poor Boys, they need their Grumpy Gramp. Who is going to lead the science experiments in lab?


Nekkid Chicken said...

Sharon, Parents only have to promise to teach math, grammar, reading and citizenship (a written curriculum).

Parents do not have to have a diploma, certificate nor degree.

wascallyfox2 said...

Regarding your qualifications to home school without publicizing your personal life,you are a retired career Air Force member and a college graduate.

Teaching is a core duty in the military and a 24&7 job of a parent.I am 100% positive that you and your husband will make the best complimentary teaching team.

And you can take that to the bank.

Sharon said...

I am so glad they aren't as strict now, or at least in Texas!

All set then?

Texan said...

I do not have chidren, but if I did I too think I would go the home school route, for many

Our public school system is a mess! Most seem to agree, from those that work in it...to parents with kids in it... heck even our government state and federal, when it suits their political moment agree its not working very well...

Sadly its not just grades 1-12... I went to college a few semesters for the first time a couple years ago...OH MY GOSH...I went to a State Junior College... did I say oh my gosh already?

I carried a 4.0 but I want you to know because I did't fit in any of the loop holes to get around the THEA test... I was blocked from taking a lot of courses till I took and passed that test, the same test that I was told oh don't worry 50% of high school kids don't pass it so don't worry about it, you can take developmental classes and use those passing grades (translation $$$$$ for the school) ...

ahem lets see I have been out of school for what 27 plus years but I am suppose to take and pass it when 50% of the kids graudating aren't...

I am carrying a 4.0 GPA but some of the same people in my classes that fit a loop hole of which there were several are barely passing the course...They are not blocked from any classes...They do not have to take the THEA nor do they have to worry about taking "developmental classes" .... now whats wrong with this picture?????
Either everyone needs to take it or no one does!!!

When I said to a counselor this just makes no sense at all?,,,the reply "yes you just have to learn to play the game"... Excuse me, I thought this was about me getting a college degree?

Sobrina said...

I can feel your pain as a mother. There is something about "when you son cries and feels less than adequate" that breaks my heart. Girls "cry" all the time and they do have "real" feelings as well. But when a son cries, it is the basis around their personality as a man and I want to build up my son's weaknesses.