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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why do I bother?

Ack, turn on the news during the day or read the headlines?  Here is an example of the stories listed:

Police Say Texas Man Decapitates Wife (WHY WHY WHY?????)

Finance Reform Bill Blocked for a Third Time in the Senate (inferring Republican blame)

Sandra Bullock's Secret Divorce Details Revealed (Is this our business?)

Surgery Regrets: I want my prostate back  (I COULD NOT LOOK)

Teacher Stabs 15 Students, 1 Teacher in China (Why is China different from the US?)

Pope may apologize for priest sex abuse. (WHAT? Why has this not already happened? Nevermind I know the reason. Shakes head in disgust)

Okay now onto things of interest to me.  This week has been difficult trying to get Saenz into 'Mom as the Teacher Role,' and for him to buckle down and work.  Yes, Zephyr is a distraction however, there is only two students in this school instead of 100s.  Another point, we need to get the desk and work table situation settled in the school room.  It is my belief once we enter that room; both boys will understand they are there to learn, work, play, observe, experiment, and explore.

Their progess thus far

Saenz has completed reading 3 books since the 20th of April; Accelerated Reader points are 8.
(8 AR points per six weekes was the goal set for him by his former school.)  We have completed 5 hours of handwriting skills, started a book on Texas history, 12 hours reading AR, 12 hour of math instruction, 4 hours of world history, 8 hours of language arts, 6 hours of animal science, 2 hours typing skills, and 4 hours computer assisted programming in math.  These last few days we are building our actual IN CLASS room time.  He really needed to decompress from the pressure he had be under to perform for TAKS testing. 

Zephyr is able to count without assistance to 65, connect the dots from 1 to 50, recognizes all shapes/colors/body parts, does simple addition to 20, puts together 24 piece puzzles unassisted, recognizes similiar items on worksheets, has scissor skills, and mazes.  We are still working on the writing skills for numbers and letters once this hurdle is met; we will move on to primary readers.

So, now I am not so intuned with the world.  After reading the headlines I can see I am not missing much.  I don't understand why there seems to be so much happening without a positive note.  I did read the story of the lady bus driver with the 'reading bus.'  MAN! Now her efforts should be applauded. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/36823728/ns/local_news-tampa_fl/

Anyway, off to prep for dinner.  Baked chicken, kale and spinach soup, with steamed rice.

What are you all doing?


Sharon said...

As I am nearing a "landmark" birthday, I don't watch much news anymore. I don't know if the world has always been in this awful condition and our wonderful reporters are simply finding more of these stories or if indeed we are all going to he-- in a hand basket, or if they are making mountains out of molehills. I worry more about if I am going to breathe tomorrow, if my grown children are ok (when I don't hear from them), I worry about the things closest to me - Major bad headline - DH job ends tomorrow! I know that I may seem like I have my head stuck in the sand, but at my age, and health, I cannot run down to Haiti and offer help, I cannot come up with a world altering solution to the big pollution problem. So I may watch a little news, but I guess this old gal doesn't care anymore, because I can't do anything about it. After writing to my congressman with a big problem, I received a "canned" email.

So good to hear that the boys are doing so well. Yes, there will always be something trying to distract them (Like my son's favorite climbing tree) but with diligence and creativity you will get through it!

Savings Queen said...

Hey there just an idea!
You can try Netflix for free for one month. They have all kinds discovery, history, IMAX shows. I just signed up to try mine and I did it on Monday and Tuesday in my mail box was my first DVD Little House on the Prairie 1St Season.....
I am excited to try it for the good stuff. We don't have T.V at home only movies we own or rent. For the record my kids are still watching some VHS because I can't and would not spend money on that kind of thing. After your first month, it is $8.99 a month. For an unlimited amount.

Good luck

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

make-believe headlines -

GoldmanSachs Employees Deported to Mexico.

Ratings Down For Celebrity Gossip.

Texas Now The Safest State In America To Live In.

polly's path said...

Don't even get me started on headlines.
Here in our neck of the woods we are going from work to school to soccer to gardening to farming to volunteering and back to work.
Is it me or is May about as bad a December when it comes to people's schedules and thing happening around us? Some days I just want to stay in my grubbies, lean on one of my animals, and bury my hands in my garden, with nowhere to go.

Nekkid Chicken said...

No Joke, Sharon I think the 'horrible news' has grown disaportionately to the population. We are trying to get our routine established so, once that is cemented; I think the boys will settle. HUGS, Sharon

Hey Savings Queen, We have Netflix but with satellite the viewing online is a hassle. Watch two mins then wait four mins for the film to spool. We still have work to do on the school room to include a student table with chairs. Thanks for commenting, nice to see ya.

Nekkid Chicken said...

OMG falls off my chair laughing at Joanna, Thanks I need that!

I hear you, Polly. Going to stop by your blog today. Luckily this is a heavy worksheet day. I can catch up with my favorite bloggers. Nice to see ya here.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, I can't wait for kale! I too get so sick of the news. Everything is so drama-tized to get ratings and stir people up.