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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Letter to a Friend


I am so sorry for your family's loss. Big hugs my over the pond sister. I miss you and seen a dragonfly yesterday. I thought of you immediately and wondered about your life.

You may or not believe this. Today, I found a picture of JoJo. Just to let you know, I never had one of her. Never took one, me an pretend photog -- just let my heart keep her image as pure as I remembered her. She must have hidden the photo in that little hand bag, packed away, a gift from our laughter at the flea market -- knowing one day I would need a message from her. She knew I would find it. At first I felt a kick in the gut. Then I felt release....

After 'chewing over it' I called JoJo's mom a little while ago.

Told her and listened to her story of a vision she had of Joleen.

Anyway, I looked at the picture long and hard and came to my computer. She led me to you -- she knew. Jo Jo was telling me to come and comfort you.

Not a day goes by
It doesn't mattter the distance
we all are connected
Our lives weave into others
so tight we become one quilt on which to
lay our weary heads.
We (your uncle) go to a better place
We continue living inside other hearts
I love you my sister,
you are not alone
Where dragonflies are near waterfalls
so is our friendship.

Much love,


mixednut555 said...

Oh Mal,

That was so beautiful. I have not cried all day, but I am crying now. You are such a comfort to me, I love you. Hugs to you. That is wonderful about finding that picture of JoJo and that she brought you to me. I think of you so often, every waterfall, every dragonfly and so many times in between. I've spent the day on the phone with my aunt, cousins, my mom and my siblings and children. It has been a good day because I have reconnected with friends I haven't talked to in YEARS. I know I will be writing about all of this when I can get some time. Life has been super busy here, plus it is so gorgeous out and I am getting refreshed by being outdoors. Even spent an hour on the phone with my ex-husband! All good.
Thank you so much for this post.

Nekkid Chicken said...


And I am crying with you