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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

FSAFEDS Another denial

This time I spoke with after a 15m 42s phone wait:


Totally uncaring government (NAWT) third party telephone personality. 

Ladies and Germs,

This operator had deadpan personality with a nasal voice to boot.  The only thing missing from her under-paid, over-worked voice demeanor was GUM POPPING.

Now, the reason given.  NONE it was denied with the sytem left to decide when to send out a canned email denial form letter.

I saw it on the website by chance logging in to see if any changes had been made.

Ms. P had no empathy, no magical way of speaking with folks upset over the 9 billionth denial.  I think we set up a pissy rapport from the begining after she asked if we had submitted a HIPPA form giving me permission (exalting me into the land of the worthy) to speak to customer service representatives (her).

My Fault,  I hate bein asked to repeat redundant information.........

Seems their fax or the one we had to personally purchase to muck through this redtape nightmare which is not deductible by the way cut the date off the reciept page.

WHAT?????? It is found on mine, so this means I will be submitting this claim for a second time.  Good thing though, On the reciept

I found another 17 bucks to claim.

So Thanks Mrs. P; you cost your company money.


Jack & Jill said...

I really hate that long wait on the phone, it just makes the thorn sink a little deeper and boost your ire! I always pray I get a guy, then I throw a little sweetness in my voice, and even if I don't get the answer I am looking for, they give me hints on how to get things moving faster. Women, on the other hand, I believe are trained with a broom stuck somewhere, and I can get nowhere... and I end up more angry than when I first started my conversation. Maybe just a personality clash, but they do act like the money will come out of their own pocket. Kind of like trying to pull hen's teeth.

I sure do hope you get things squared away soon!

Nekkid Chicken said...


Jill, You crack my buns. Yeah I think you are right.

Sometimes I feel women in power (or self assumed position of authority) are like crabs in a bucket when dealing with other women.


I hope that makes sense.

Jack & Jill said...

You make perfect sense!
Crabs in a bucket LOL, Yep!