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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pithy Retort

Last night, as we sat at the table just chatting.

Conversational  snippet as follows:

My husband asked me if I had made him a sandwich for lunch.

"Yes, I sure did."

"Really you did," he clarified.


He looked to Saenz and said, "I like my sandwichs like I like my women, Plain Jane."


ROFLMBOH!  WHAT?  I AM 'Plain Jane?'

So I asked hubby to explain to Saenz what 'Plain Jane' meant.

He told Saenz with a sandwich is just meat, cheese, on bread, no mayo and such.

I asked my husband to explain what the term Plain Jane meant concerning women.  My husband just smiled and said, 'No Way.'

I am going to remember his 'Plain Jane' comment as a compliment.  Since, I am truly a no frills kinda girl.  Yes, back in my salad days -- I would primp and preen to get attention or feel good about myself.  However, as I am nearing my 44th birthday -- I am happy in my own skin.

hair graying
unmanicured fingernails trimmed  - super short
less muscle tone
burlap breasts
my facial road map showing
no jewelry, makeup, perfume, heels

I would much rather get my hands dirty working with my husband than spend time attempting the illusion of youth. 

So, Ladies and Gentlemen

I stand before you,



Jack & Jill said...

Good Morning to you! Plain Jane sounds good to me, it sounds "middle of the road" not glamorous (can't be glamorous on a farm, no way) and not mud ugly. Plain Jane denotes wholesome and good with no window dressing to disguise. I would take it as a compliment too. Your DH sounds like a great guy!

When IS your B-Day?

Nekkid Chicken said...

Good Morning Jill!

LOL I guess I have worn out glamorous a long time ago. I am now baggy ole sweat pants.

My B-day is towards the end of the month. Just another day around here. Luckily Saenz is on spring break that entire week. Woooo Hoooo! Momma is going to sleep late -- til 7 or so!

ROFL ~;>