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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Funny Math, I swear its NEW MATH

I got this email announcing healthcare costs were rising to

"Good afternoon,

$1,115 -- that's the average monthly premium for employer-sponsored family coverage in 2009. Annually, that amounts to $13,375, or roughly the yearly income of someone working a minimum wage job.
$1,115 is more money than what many Americans pay for rent or mortgage. But there's more to the problem than just numbers."
Now those two lines got me to digging so, I went to

to check the New Math figures since, it was not long ago reported that the Average American Mortgage was $1,780 give or take for monthly principal and interest payments.
Interesting Government Sites:
for mortgage breakdown from 2005
Housing Costs by Selected Characteristics--Owner Occupied Units
Now with all the arguing over health care it seems, the numbers reflect 'the truth' slanted to lend credence to whomever story teller is at the time.  Another point, during the debate on raising the minimum wage, if I remember correctly those 'low paying' jobs were for teenagers living at home vice grown adults trying to make ends meet.  I never agreed with that argument because in this economy there are more people than there are jobs.
Perhaps as over-merchandized consumers; we need to get back to what is true and dear.
America needs to become a producer vice consumer......
I remember as a child, getting my first plastic molded Disney Character set for a birthday.  (Mind you, elementary age here.) I over heard my grandfather asking my mother........... "WHY DID YOU GET THAT FOREIGN CRAP?"  Funny, it has been more than 35+ years since he spoke those words yet, it was a foreshadowing of our future. 
We can not expect America to stay on top of a global market if all we do is buy goods from other countries.  We are no longer competitive. Our government is using our youth (military) and our professionals (reservists and guardsmen) coupled with massive spending packages to keep the economy afloat.
Healthcare is other whole ball of wax.  Those in power know they can bilk the American Public because once a person is sick -- uses the medical system -- insurance companies kicks person into a financial hole so deep the person is unable to fight or crawl their way back.  I digress and will go on that rampage later..............................

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