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Monday, March 15, 2010


Let me say, if you don't like dramatic movies about losing a solider do not watch this film but, it needs to be seen.  More Americans need to see the 'silent' witnesses to our freedom being laid to rest.  The traditions and honors paid to a soldier are breath-taking from the: silent acknowdegements of saluting, to body preparation, escorts, uniform prep, personal effects, and head lights of passing cars.

Kevin Bacon plays marine LTC (Colonel) Michael Strobl, who volunteers to escort PFC (private) Chance Phelps' body home.  Col Strobl is racked with personal guilt over not having 'volunteered' to take a tour to Iraq/Afganistan; thus checks the death count every night to see if his friends are among the dead.

More about the movie here:

This movie was made from an article written by Strobl.  I was bawling the entire movie because as a retired military person.  I have seen the flag drapped coffins and I have too felt the guilt of not having served in a forward area.  Every emotion is felt by Col Strobl felt from awe of strangers carefully paying respects for Private Phelps to sleeping in a warehouse on the trip home to ensure PFC Phelps is not left alone.

I guess my husband will never be able to understand the kinship I feel when ever I hear TAPS, Reveille, National Anthem, nor a funeral dirge.  I have summed it up best in a poem written a few years back. 

You May Not Know

The sound of the ramp hitting ground

Vibrations of boots plunking sound

You are here to liberate

Just leaving family, last week-late

You May Not Know

The sound of a heart in its chest

Pushing blood at its best

Saluting a woodened box draped in shroud

That could be you- silently thinking; not said--aloud

You May Not Know
(November 13, 2007)

Today and tomorrow, I will think and remember those who have gone before and after me.  They are my giants and I give them all my respect and honor...

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i think the biggest stress, is waiting at home for news