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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blast from the Past

Look what my hubby found at a local 'stripes' gas station.  I have not seen these since I was a barefooted kid riding skateboard in South California in the 70s.  Saenz tried them and was not too impressed.  Good thing, we did not have any soda for him to wash them down. LOL I am sure he would have freaked out with the double fizzy foam action.
Today is my 44th birthday, and hubby played hooky from work.  He just took my truck in to get it inspected as a gift which to me is the coolest thing -- I don't have that chore to do.  WHAT A MAN!!!!!!!!

Later, we will be either taking the boys to the carnival in George West or will be going to lunch and a movie in Beeville. YEAHHHHH!  We will also be planting our two muscadine vines, I am super stoked and hope they take root.

By the way, I am not as close to my 500th post as I thought since I deleted some 'drafts' that were not actually drafts.  I am around the 472 mark however, once I hit that milestone the fourth commentor will be recieiving a pound of mesquite bean pod flour as a gift.


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Well Happy Birthday! Sounds like we've traded places! My family is originally from Beeville, Alice, and Kingsville ( oh , and Hebronville). I grew up in San Marcos, but I've lived the last 19 years in Tehachapi, California - about 20 miles west of Mojave and 35 miles east of Bakersfield. You're header picture makes me a little homesick! But unless the Lord directs us otherwise, I think we are here for good. This is home for my three daughters and someone has to make the sacrifice to not live in their "native" land.

Thanks for adding my button to your blog! I look forward to reading more!

Nekkid Chicken said...

ROFL you know, I got distracted and forgot to credit your 'button.' Trying to get all shaved, pampered and prissed before hubby gets back.

I am actually not from Texas but, the Air Force brought me here and I came back to live....

It's my hubby's birthplace up the road in Karne City.

I will be reading more of your blog. I am happy to find there are others out there going back to a less commercial life.

You're welcome here any time!

Texan said...

Happy B Day!!

Melodie said...

Happy birthday! I remember POP Rocks! They were the coolest candy,You just had to have some! Then all the moms took them away because of the rumors about them getting in kids lungs or something.. they became black market kid contra band!

Talitha D'Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!! My kids eat those things all the time. My kids found "extreme" pop rocks at the store out here! LOL~

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Ladies

I remember the KID BLACK MARKET in school. WHOLEY MOLEY! LOL

Howdy Tali

Thanks Texan

Jack & Jill said...

Just "caught" a few minutes on my service and saw you had a Birthday! Wow! You definitely ARE a peep! I wish you many more to come!