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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wall of TP: Stockpile begins

Thanks to couponing, I have gotten this huge stack of TP for less than $75-- more than 360 rolls or .20 each.  My husband wants to work for the helicopter contractor in Beeville instead of the Army Depot.  Since, this will mean a cut off his driving time daily -- savings of two hours; I support him.  However, I am also aware if the contractor has layoffs.  The general rule of thumb -- last hired is first fired in the civilian world.  That is okay too since with a 'stockpile' finding a job is less stressful when supplies are plentiful but cash is not.   Does anyone else do this or am I an over eager suvivalist?

I have the sickness, so far my list of surplus is:

20 tubes of Toothpaste cost was only $7.80 vice $25
30 (100 oz) Purex/All Detergent $75 vice $150
(I also have supplies on hand to make homemade laundry soap for 800 loads for only $20.)
15 bottles of shampoo for $8 vice $18.75
40 lbs of pinto beans for $7.00
20 lbs assorted 1 lb beans for $15.80
100 lbs of rice for $11.00
12 lbs pasta for $6.86

We have a pantry fully stocked, deep freezer full, and hopefully with our garden being planted.  All will be set until whenever.

A dollar saved brings us to owning our home out right quicker.  Our plan is to have our house which we purchased in 2005 paid off by 2015.  I hate owing money to anyone.  No mortgage means more freedom....... I hope I hope I hope~!


Jen said...

That is fantastic! If there should ever be a shortage I know where I'm going. haha One day I will start and have my own storage full of stuff for emergencies.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey There Jen,

Having a stockpile actually lowers your out of pocket costs too, if you use sales and coupons. LOL

Come on over we've plenty!

Jack & Jill said...

I would love to be able to stockpile, just no room! Good idea to get what you can of the non-perishables, if you can keep the critters out of them.

Oh, my, working for the man, we know it oh so well - since the big crash, my hubby has only had short calls, that last 5 month layoff was a killer (of our bank account)!

Texan said...

Looks to me like you have the basics and then some covered!

I don't think it ever hurts to have extra on hand especially when you get it at a super price!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Dang Jill,

I feel ya. I am just pinching pennies to be out of debt faster. However, we still have some luxuries.

I am lucky we have two available rooms in the house for storage. We need a smaller house I think. LOL