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Friday, February 5, 2010

Sometimes I flounder

Today, I have decided to take a break from all media.  NO NEWS

Really since I seem to take on the ILLS OF THE WORLD and make them personal.  I have to FAST for 24 hours. 

What irks me is; the human race is designed to look for patterns.

THUS lottery goes on and people still play because someone wins.


THAT the United States has troops in nearly every country especially in the Middle East and Africa?  LOL, DOH  I have been saying our President will start using troops to bolster the economy.  Yes, I can see the pattern of the Obama Administration skipping down the same path as the others before him.

Can you imagine, all the Guardsmen and Reservists coming home to displace workers who are already teetering on the brink of a fiscal quagmire of which; some is their own doing?  By law, those men and women get their jobs back but -- what happens when that business is closed or has downsized? 

As I fast from the media yes ---- I have not even opened MSNBC, ABC, Washington Post, LA Times or the many other sources I check almost daily online.  I am having fun by organizing coupon inserts complete with a cheat sheets of what savings are within.  Zephyr is keeping me company by counting to 30 over and over. 

Will this fast matter a hill of beans to anyone.........................

Probably not


I am keeping my sanity while playing with my 5 year old

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