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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Being Right Sucks Buns

I knew this was coming with the Ft Hood's Major Hasan.  Everyone was so concerned with his medical training and the cost payback for his training to the US government / Army.  The leadership was more interested in doing what was 'right' for the Corps vice the individual.  In this case it cost 13 lives and many wounded.  This is one example of individual need transferring over to a horrific act of violence.

The man was washed under the system because he was Muslim.  He was not censored for his horrible 'testifying' to his patients -- those walking wounded that were attacked by Taliban or Al Quada on the front lines.  On and on, no one wanted to be labled a racist for making him either separate over extremist views or religious beliefs he held.  

If you want to read my rants go back to November 2009. 

Today, I found this article in the Wall Street Journal. 


"FEBRUARY 9, 2010 Six Faulted Over Fort Hood

Military to Discipline Officers for Failing to Report Views of Suspect in Texas Shootings."
YES, we are our brothers keeper.  As leaders, if we do not take care of our people even those without stellar performance reports -- we fail to be leaders and should be held responsible.  Major Hasan also should face the death penalty for all those he killed but, to do so would martyr him.  Here is another kicker, those 6 or 8 officers that was in his rating chain will now have a ripple effect throughout the medical community.
Any thoughts?
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