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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lady Al Queda: humsssssssss

Okay, for a few years I have been absorbing all the news stories about terriorists who are or happen to be muslim.   What is striking to me is?????????????

In a world with millions of folks, terriorists seem hell bent on destroying those with opposing views.  Which in itself in my personal opinion is a classification of crazy.  So, why is it any surprise that a female stepped forward to do such a thing.  What I am concerned with is many of the leaders or followers are educated here in the US.

Secondly, US media seems to be 'cherry-picking' stories as which ones will be more horrific to bring in advertising dollars from folks: WATCHING TRAIN WRECKS.


While I understand it is more sensationalistic to show case these folks to do so may sell papers.  But this only heightens their sucess and brings others into their fold.

What about talking about the 'home-grown' folks we have here?

How many children, women, people of color, or homosexuals  are assualted each day in this country?

A US paper version:

Al Jeezra's version:

Newsweeks version:

Now for another thought   If you control a populations' women -- you control and or limit their future.  If a female population is denegrated then the population will have no problem denegrating others.

Thoughts from inside a soggy coop......

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