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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcome Baby Kid: Pices

We fought hard for the triplets but, so far only this little kid seems viable.  His name is Pices.

Pices dad, has been sold to Mrs. Honey and is now in a larger herd.

Mr Salad Fingers, our wild boar hog has been sold for meat.  So here is the picture of our new kid on the block.

Here is a website I use for kidding season.



Kook said...

Wow... congrats and weeping in the same post. :) :(


troubadore9 said...

I am truly upset at the death of your Mama goat because I know how much you all thought of her.I got to see from the day she came home so she became a part of my life too.She left you with her most precious gift,a baby goat to love and cherish.I have a huge lumo in throat and a tear trying to come out.I love animals more than people.

emajen333 said...

Congrats on the precious new baby, but so very sorry to hear the sad news about Hillary, Mal. That just breaks my heart for you. R.I.P. sweet Hillary. :'(