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Friday, February 19, 2010

Coin Toss = The Truth

I have always heard there are two sides to every story however, I disagree.  The truth is a three sided coin, one heads, one tails and then, there is the middle.  A bumpy rim with dips and rises. 

I read his manifesto found on this link:


The plane crash in Austin was horrific.  What I believe Mr. Stack was doing: 

a. killing himself,

b. attempting to rack up a body count to assauge the machine of government he spoke of,

c.  making a symbolic choice of the IRS building,

d, ramming a phallic shaped (aircraft) device to the federal office space.

Now on to my thoughts:

1.  The burning of his home with wife and child inside?  I just don't get this because he was not only destroying his life but attempting to destroy his family.

2.  This man was seriously depressed to the point of mania.  I firmly believe that by writing out his frustrations is just deepened his resolved to strike back.  I wonder if he sought help from a mental health professional.  Did his wife and child not notice his life spiraling?

3.  While I notice in his writing he takes no personal responsibility why is this notable?  A. He was so mired in his own pity that he could no longer see the light at the tunnel.  B.  If their financial issues were so dire then why not change locations or sale assets?  C. He was 53 and still time to build a nest egg for retirment so why all the self-centeredness?


Yes, our government proclaims we are a free nation. 

This is not true

We are a nation of laws made by lawyers,
upheld by judges,
enforced by the legal system,
and massaged by the judical system to keep building its power.

Our goverment system feeds on the weak by:

baffling the masses (sheeple) with bullshit and duplicitious double speak
patting us on the head with one hand
looking for the knife over us
then stabbing us in the back with the other

Now for Mr. Stack.  To me, you left behind not only a legacy of terror but took the easy way out and was too self-centered to care.  Yes, you are (were) a terrorist.  You also destroyed innocence of your child which in my estimation will cause so many ripples in the 'pond of her life,' your cowardly act will have far reaching effects for generations.

My question to all those out there:  Are we just worker ants following the scent trails of others that went before us?

Another sad day in America

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julieQ said...

My dear son works in the building next door to the destroyed office building...he was evacuated that day. I too agree in the desperate depression this man was experiencing...powerlessness, so he grabbed power. Too bad he had to kill others just to assuage his fury...I am enjoying reading your blog!