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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sleepy Face versus School Rage

I snapped a couple of pictures of my sleeping beauties.  Zephyr looks so peaceful; resting assured mommie is about to wake him up with kisses and belly rubs.  We surprised dad last night by showing him, Zephyr can add single digits; we have been practicing this since he will enter Kindergarten in the fall.  Whenever, we shop together

I used coupons to teach him numbers and have him find the 'right' ones on the store shelves. He is excited about going to school.  That is until he finds out he will not get his way or be the center of mommie's world anymore in the classroom.

Saenz is not so happy about being awaken with a camera flash.  His morning mantra and battle cry.  I HATE SCHOOL!

I really wonder if he needed to start Head Start at 4 however, I was active duty serving in Portugal at the time.  Head Start was better than being in daycare all day and was more structured.  Can you believe my fifth grader has been in school for 7 years already?

No wonder, he sees school as a usurper of his child hood!


Jack & Jill said...


Chicken Boys said...

Wait till they get our age. They will dream of being in school instead of at work. I used to teach at Head Start in Belton, TX. I enjoyed that job, but at barely above minimum wage I couldn't stay there long. In fact, that's where I went into the army from.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Good Morning J & J

I know, been trying to tell Saenz that forever. He sees me working on my master's time to time. I have him almost convinced to stay home til he has a degree and under my military health insurance. ROFL

It is such a shame teaching is not more revered and it's members paid better than politicians right?

Seems mighty backazzwards to me.

I really want to homeschool my boys but, we are working on becoming debt free and self sufficient so my hubby can retire as well.


I know TMI!

Jack & Jill said...

If you had the time, home schooling is the best. I home schooled my youngest for grades 1-3 and the only reason I sent him back to school, was that he was lonely and had no (zero) social skills. But you have two boys and most likely gobs of friends for them to socialize with. When he did go to school, he was bored, he knew all that stuff. They wanted to put him up in higher grade, but because he was so immature, I thought he would do better, eventually, with children his own age.
Have a great day!