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Sunday, February 21, 2010

RELIEVED: My teats are ~:>


March took in the kid orphan.  It only took

1st day after birth being teethered head and leg.
2nd day after birth being head teethered.

TODAY Momma March and her two kids are resting together, freely.

I was really worried because she was head butting, biting, and kicking Pices away.  She still favors her natural born baby -- Almond.  Yet, for now he is nursing and playing with his adoptive sister.

Ya'll Have No Idea how much work Pices was having him in the house.

3 - 4 Feedings daily
2 loads of clean towels a day
His baths to get the smell of goat pee off him
Plus disinfecting his sleeping compartment.

NOT TO MENTION his crying jags. LOL


IF YOU put a baby kid in a totally darkened room; they will settle in and go to sleep.

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Jack & Jill said...

So good to hear that! Those babies can be a lot of work! Ah, but they are so cute!!!