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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sad Day at Hoe Hen Inn

Our beloved goat, Hilliary was pregnant and gave birth to three goats. The first was stillborn, the second was large with a twisted neck, we had to help her have the third one.

Here is her picture from last years belly update:


This is what the birthing process looked like with Kids March & Aries.


Sad thing is, there was nothing we could do for Hilliary. The birthing process took all her strength and she must have torn on the inside. Hilliary passed away in her sleep last night.

I have her precious baby kid indoors. I named him, Pices. He is so adorable and I will be his momma. Here is his beautiful yet, starving little face.


I am so sad and weepy today. Ms. Hilliary was my beloved pet. I will miss her furry kisses at the morning and evening feed. We still have her daughter March & Aries but, they don't have her gentle soul and take more after their dad, Obama.

We sold, Obama to a lady with a large herd. You do need to move the stud around to keep the blood lines fresh.

Next I will post pictures of Mr. Salad Fingers getting ridden by our neighbor boy, when he was being loaded up for market.

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