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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Okay March is a Resistant Mother

 Man,  I am starting to stress about March not wanting to suckle Pices nor Almond.  I keep going out to check on those three.  I just checked her teats to ensure both were flowing well. 

Yep, she has plenty of milk and her bag is rather large.

So, next  I took her water.  NOT IN A BUCKET but a cup.  This time she drank well sounded like she was sipping through a straw.  Hope that was the fix and hand fed her hay. 

Both kids tried to suckle from her but March just keeps pushing them away.  If this keeps up I will have to tie her other hoof til she gets used to those little noisey critters demanding her teats. LOL 

(I actually know how she feels though about nursing this first few days.)


I know she is not too young as a mother, she is eleven months old.  What bothers me is, she was impregnated when she was not ready by Obama Lama Ding Dong 1 when she got her head stuck. 


Man I really miss Hilliary............................