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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yesterday's News, which made me feel bad

Headline News (HLN) was reporting on a six year old boy being swept away by flood waters in Arizona.  They went on to say: the parents could be charged by the rescue team for the accident.  WTF these parents had lost their son.

Then the HLN moved onto to a DOG rescue from a helicopter team in LA which they broadcast for over an hour.  It is okay to rescue a dog out of a drainage pit but who will foot that bill.

When did our nation get so freaking callous about children?

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Talitha D'Andrea said...

I saw this too and was so upset! The parents were trying to take the boy to the hospital. Then the whole dog thing on tv! It was like a whole hour of tv wasted. Now the parents age going to be charged?? What is wrong with people???