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Friday, January 8, 2010

Is Anybody bothered by this?

"By Carrie Johnson

Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, January 8, 2010

The Justice Department reported Thursday that 12 percent of incarcerated juveniles, or more than 3,200 young people, had been raped or sexually abused in the past year by fellow inmates or prison staff, quantifying for the first time a problem that has long troubled lawmakers and human rights advocates."

Full article found here: 

(SIDEBAR:  BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON is a consulting firm who focuses on government agency studies.)
interesting infor on Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Booz_Allen_Hamilton

Okay a few things bother me by this:  1.  Rape unfortunately is a fact of life in or out of prison.  2.  Administrators are pondering whether there is a need for 3 yr reviews.  (sighs here -- think human rights advocacy groups) 3.  Allowing same sex / opposite sex inside prisons to be guards.  4.  Those who committ rape or assualt on prisioners --- just my opinion should be handed over to the prisoners.  This is a breech of trust much like a superior or teacher having sexual contact with an employee or student.  Deplorable beyond comprehension.  NO EXCUSES, Ever! 5. In the article, 'training' is given to employees and statistics are flawed.  What the hell?  From working with Booz-Allen in the past, I know this company.  They are pretty damn meticulous when it comes to thinking out it's control groups, upper and lower side limits and survey questions/methods.  6.  If we as a nation can not protect prisoners from sexual assualt from guard or prision staff.  Then we need to rethink the entire process of incarceration. 7.  If 92% of inmates are male, 42% of guards are female;  then the issue of pat downs by same sex does need to be addressed.  Are those complaining of sexual assualt being aroused by female guards as not arouse by male guard pat down.

There are so many variables here with this article.  I am appalled think, the prisons housing juvenille immates are not doing thorough back ground checks of employees.  I am appalled to think juveniles are being molested.  Then add in the trans-gendered or homosexual issues.  Perhaps we as a nation need robots or something to guard??????????

What do you all think?


kybunker said...

Hey You wanna know what I think!!!
I think the whole US needs a priority Overhaul!!
Unfortunatly, rape is a part of some peoples realities,,
My priorities would be the Foster Child Care and the Child Protective serivces,,
That is where I would start,,
Rape in Prison,,
Most in there say that they don't deserve to be in there....
Somehow,, that's where they ended up... Unfortunatly,,, other humans get to control their every aspect of what they get to call LIFE now..
What are we to do? Have priests run the prisons? Well I suppose after past media coverage on that, we can't have priest doing it..

I say we elimante the prisons and sent all convicted and jailed fellon over seas and bring our good law abiding people home, where they should be..

How's that for a rant!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Kelley, Today there is a man arrested nearby. He had two foster kids and 6 of his own. The 2 yr old foster; was taken to the hospital with bruising, brain swelling and missing ear lobe. Get this, he admitted to harming the child. A two year old?????? WTF?