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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some days do you feel like?

Staying in bed.................

Well, I can not since my son has to be at school at 7:45.  This morning it was in the 50s but overcast.  Unfortunately we are expecting a super cold front with temp dropping below freezing for the next 3 days.

I betcha, neither boy will want to go outside.  Nor, will my hens leave their coops. 

I still miss Topsy & Turvy.  I will probably take Saenz & Zephyr to see them begining of next week.  Life is not the same here without them.  Saenz woke up this morning not congested but with drainage. Come to find out he has sinusitis - his head xrays came back and the allergy clinic called to let me know.  I have to make another trip to Beeville in the morning to pickup some antiboditics.  Hopefully, after this round he will be good til we pull up the carpet.

I really hate this week for him; the COMPANIONS he loved the most had to be the first we had to let go of to fight this allergy thing with him.  He is handling it well but, he gets misty talking about them.  I understand, because the last two nights; I had trouble falling asleep without my footwarmer/protectors.

Inside a chilly coop......

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